Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a moment b4 asleep~

just to recap what i been doing or to be precise..observing~..nothing much..because had a visit from my parents and had a lot of walking and talking and chit-chatting..hehe..all in all..it was just so much fun..they are going holidays for 2 weeks end of next month..so i'll be left here..imagine what would i be doing..gosh..hope everything wolud be fine..hope no visiting to abg ja's hous..soory to say...but i still have a little dislike towards him..uhu..hope he could change in this distant future..just can't stand having a brother who keeps on bothering his old man..it my torture too u know..is this ever going to end? hmm...lately...the topic of marriage..keep on coming to my head..its indeed a very interesting topic to be thinking of..but more deeply i think of it..it just made me scared even more..so much i need to know before i really xperience it myself i guess...looking at those people around me..really make me thinking...hmm..that for now..have class at 8am tmorrow..nite2~

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