Friday, February 13, 2009

bila baju melayu bertemu baju kurung~

the title was a title of the talk i attended at masjid just now..was a very useful and awakening for me..and i hope for others is actually for those who r thinking to celebrate the V i hope they will think again..;p not to say i'm a good person for not going to have fun on dat day..but it's kinda true..why should we wait till the 14th feb to celebrate and cherish your loved ones..any day can..especially on birthdays (mine on 23th feb ok ;p) or maybe on any day..present can be given even without any reason rite? just as a token of remembrance can be a good reason..

today..i discover that a good friend is really hard to find..just as i thought i have found one..there's a thick wall standing in-between..i admit i a very sensitive person so please..don't try me if u cant stand to take a risk..i am super fast to explode but i am too.. super fast to feel the guilt and cool thing that i discover bout myself this week..i cant stand people keeping secrets away from's just hurt! really! but if u feel u wanted me away from u, so start being silence and keep secrets from me so i'll definitely be away..definitely!!

and i thought this sem would be a different with the opposite..but its seems to worsen~ but the talk today remind me that i dont need that to excel! so i think i will stick to be a Schuzyy..well, if u saw me today..u would think i'm fluctuating..i can be a silence good girl a moment..and a supertalkative friendly at another..and a super-full-of-emotions azy at another..u really should try to avoid me at that time..but try not to make it too obvious because i might just explode!! oo yeahh...what happened today was..bob..a friend from gmi came by and we lepak for a i've changed..just too happy to see a friend u know before again..but i think that is the real me..well..not sure..but well..i think i act accordingly~ xcited when i should..serious when needed..just the emotions i cant hide..sorry..i a type of girl who is true to her feeling~ friends should have known what i meant~ ;p

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