Monday, March 7, 2011

time to get buzy~


my addiction for nescafe is getting worst. but for my own good..well for now..i can be wide awake at 6am if i took nescafe at 8pm..and i can be wide awake till evening if i have one at 7am..haha..gosh..i hope i can still keep the dose that much..not more..i am too depending on caffeine..this is bad for health..i know the effects but still..i need to have laaa?

ok..lets list down all the task needed to be done this month alone!

*HVT test tomorrow!! chap 1-4

1. 10 mac: presentation safety; infos gathered..but still havent edited and put in slides. and still one group member not responding..gosh

2. 11 mac: HVT assignmentl; group leader said, no need to do anything. biar btol???

3. 11 mac: FYP presentation!!! wuwuuu..cuak sey~

4. 18 mac: pci assignment..5Qs divided with eryn

5. final exam!!!
24 mac: HVT
27 mac: PDE
28 mac: ESH
30 mac: PCI

ahahaha..there they 30th mac..i am free!! wee..till 9 may..sigh~

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