Saturday, March 26, 2011

life is getting harder~


people say i am friendly..i think i am..haha..but guess what..i'm not only good at making friends..i am good at making enemies too..sigh~

i hate to be hated and to hate..but maybe life hasnt teach me how to accept people for who they are..i am trying..i know and very much aware of how difference people are..but still..i am hoping that everyone are like me..haha..crazy rite? i am so sorry for those who i accidentally be mean to. believe me..i am nice to those who are nice to me..and u'll get back the shit if u gave me babe~

ok..i got exam tomorrow..i know i am being mean..but i did what i need to do..

today..what i is all about understanding..people always looking for someone who can understand them..but if u only seek those who understand u..who will understand them? they too need u to understand them..understood? life is simple if u made it simple~

peace n out ^_^

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