Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oprah show~


i was watching Oprah. today she had Kristin..sorry lazy wanna google her full name..she is an actress who started as being a amaze me how she love cleaning so much..using hand for the floors..i wish i can be like her..mama will be super happy then..haha..oh..what i love about today's show is she like this house since she was a kid..and now..she has it!! that just a life proven thing that i always hear..what we say is a say good things so that the prayers works well~

since she was saying about getting historical house..i too have a dream house..a? hmm..few i dream house will be..a house near a beach..because when i'm under stress..i need to look at anything watery..beach will be the best! river, lake or fountains or even rain is ok too..but gosh i really want to have a beach this is nice

just like the house in full house..i'm not so much into sun-bathing..i tanned too much too i just need the i need a house with nice beach view..and my dream location is in Bali..hehe..but i need to earn HUGE to have that dream coming into reality.but well..what i need to do study well and earn HUGE..and have my dream house! amiin!!!! ^_^

here the link..gosh! i really really really want this house!!!
ps: please ignore the adv..weird..haha~

oh..quote of the day..

if u work great at average..u will turn out big one day..sooner or later~

thanks Oprah! 

peace n out ^_^

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