Wednesday, March 16, 2011

life and changes it makes~


i'll be single again for another 4 days..haha..the last words are was all sweet..thanks dear~

i read a quote from yana's blog..

"If you look at what you do not have in life, you don't have anything; if you look at what you have in life, you have everything."

it is true isn't it? when we keep on thinking about things that we want..we will keep on finding things that we still haven't achieve or have. but when come to think of things we already is already everything that other people envied us for. That is why Allah always say..we need to be grateful for everything we have and don't have..even for the misfortune..we need to be grateful..maybe there are something that not good if we have what we by making it a misfortune..we end up with some other fortune..only God knows what best for us..

we were talking about this in this few days..i begin to believe more in you..eventho time is something that bring us apart..i know..God must be the mastermind behind all this..because He knows better. I know we are not that strong..i will keep on praying for u..and for the future. Who knows..u might change for the greater good..amin~

and for these 4 days..i will try to be strong..aha..with my final exams coming super fast! and another assignment due on strong schuzyy!! you can do it!! yosh!! quite a day..i didnt sleep the whole day..haha..i finish few assignments..erm..1..hahaha..well at least i did something rite? ;p

so tomorrow? talk with mara, settle everything..then i can start on my study! yosh!

oh yeaaa...i haven't tell about my fyp presentation on last was superb! well i did some 'gorengan' hehe..but i saw them i guess my 'gorengan' taste good..haha..alhamdullilah~ :D

ok..stop about that..i hope my fyp 2 will be just as good. amin..for my sisters cik idalia n cik diza..all da best for friday's presentation! ^_^

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