Thursday, March 17, 2011

i laughed..laugh is good!


i don't know why..but i am happy today..keep on smiling and laughing all day round..morning started just fine..went to school..had the talk..nothing important except for the facts that i think don't really affect guess just wait and see..then went back home to save some money on lunch..haha..3 days of spaghetti..haha..then headed back to uniten for a 1-hour class..then submit all assignments..then lepak with kak ida..then headed home! and it was raining! haha..and i 'redah' the hujan happily!! siap laughing at other bikers..funny how we reacted with rain..oh..and yes..i love rain! i  love water..i love everything that has anything to do with water. hehe~

i hope everything will be as good as today's..amin~'s one quote that i read on my friend's fb page..and i like so much!!

"If someone wants to be a part of your life, they'll make an effort to be in it. Don't bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn't make an effort to stay."

my comment: so never worth it to sacrifice the space and time and whatever for someone who afraid of making such an u have someone who are making the effort..and u have a hint of liking the person..u might want to consider accepting that person..because he/she might be the one..only that u havent realize it..keep on praying..may God help u choose~

peace n out ^_^

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