Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sy stress~


sy stress.. sbb sy sedey..lg..nape la nk wat hal time2 nk exam n time bz camni? boley x jgn cari i did the same thing i always do each time this things happened. hahaha..this thing..always make me wanna sleep the whole day..being that is what i always do best..gosh! this is what i fear most each time exam time come by..stress..and so little time with all those assignments and presentations and STUDY! gosh! please me..i need to hibernate all matters that concerning heart..for a month..or for 3 weeks at least..just now..we was talking about the grad nite..gosh..thinking about it..make my heart pain! no partner! hahaha..gosh..why on earth did i sign up my name for? schuzyy! think again..the dress? make-up? r u sure? re-think~


peace n out ^_^

ps: i would like to thank Faizal Tahir and for the song "Gemuruh" that song really helping in making my heart be strong again! yosh!! 

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