Sunday, March 6, 2011



think with head? or with heart? i usually think with my heart. so instinct is kinda play big part in my life. simple example..with him..i usually have instinct when he text or miss-called. especially when he was mad at me..i can sense it rite away. that is why i keep on he the one? haha..hope he is!

but usually..instinct will be affected if i took nescafe..which i usually need in frequent. 1 in da morning to kick-start the day..and one in late afternoon to keep me awake thru the night. gosh! addiction~

i'm thinking..should i de-activate my fb for a month? few of my friends already did..they say they need to do that to distract them from fb. but i am not so addicted to fb..i am more to should i ban internet for a while? hahaha..yea rite!

ok..need to do work! plus another test in tuesday..presentation in wednesday and on friday!! FYP wey!! wish me luck!!! pray hard for me ok!

Your Soulmate is Friendly

You are a very open and extroverted person - and you seek the same in a partner.
Your soulmate doesn't have to be as outgoing as you are, but you'd have trouble being with a wallflower.

You also do best with someone who is responsible and practical. You sometimes need to balance out your easygoing approach to life.
However, you couldn't be with anyone who took things too seriously. You prefer to have a relaxed relationship.

love this!!! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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