Tuesday, January 18, 2011

scared to hell!!


ok..the tittle is a bit exaggerating..hehe.. today? i feel bad about today..but luckily my room-mate's positiveness affected me nicely..so i've recovered in a blink..or i should say pretended to recover..i am always trying to not letting my anger out unless at the person i am supposed to be angry at..because i hate when someone else do that to me..and that is because i always get that! and i hate that tremendously! please people..i know u are mad..but telling the whole story to me in a tone as if i was the one making the problem wont help anyone..it will only make me feel u are a terrible person..lucky u i am quite a patient person so i will try to understand your problem..but lately..i kinda lost the touch and...trying to regain it..but all this madness around me..is making the process a bit difficult. haish..sorry to everyone affected.

why do i still want to write here eventhough i know i should be doing my progress report?
1. i am trying to tell myself that i am sorry to everyone who i ever be bad to. because today..karma acted on me..and i accept it! padan muka!!

2. i am expressing my grateful to this blog..because u are the reason ( i guess!) i can write quite nicely for the written assignments and project reports..hahaha..funny..i managed to finish 12 pages of assignment( with the help from a friend's answer la tapinye..huhu..thanks dear! very much appreciate it! ^_^) in 4 hours. when i read it back..it is quite ok..not all are craps..hahaha..positive2!

3. i am partly happy because i have someone who i think like me to bring it forward..and i am halfly hope that it would be true..even i know..it could be some problems ahead..but anything is possible in God's will~

4. i am expressing my 'cuak'-ness..because i might loose 15% test marks just because i was procrastinating..sigh! go away mr lazy!!! i hate u!

5. i am thinking...should i quit the job? i kinda feel the pressure now..but was it because i was procrastinating a little too much? huhu..yea..it is all my own problem..i know i can do better!! yosh!!!

ok..problem factor? lazy and procrastination! improve!

ps: i was pushed to say it..i still cant say it like it was before..but i am really trying hard to make it work this time..imagine the brown eyes..hehe..so cute! :D

peace and out ^_^

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