Thursday, January 13, 2011

moody is never a good thing~


last night..was not a night i want to remember..usually it will be something that i look forward to..but since they came was never the same again..i continuously be jealous and dislike. kids..but i think it is all just me..i am being jealous because they don't pay attention to me anymore. haha..such an attention seeker..pathetic! what to do..that is one trait of  last child that i am trying to diminish. tonight will be another miserable one too i guess..because there another dictator going around. mixing with them..making me realize the importance of education..especially English. and from what i am seeing..people are expecting us to not know any english..wel..i thought every malaysian know english and speak it. there was a day when i was soo astounded when they are me..apa u ckp td kt org tu? upstairs? apa tu? em2..atas. 1st shock..2nd shock..cleanning..huhu..3rd shock..arguing with me about the usage of good evening and good night..omg! feel like i want to do english classes with them..i love them all..that's why i dont like when people are looking at them like stupid weirdos..yes they are cashiers and maybe the highest education they have was only SPM..but still they are all human who have hearts. i am too being pathetic by doing this..they are not that 'ordinary' they too have intelligence in life. most importantly..they have family and kids who love them. unlike me..having only parents and friends~

i'm sorry..i know i am being to sad over some stupid things..i know i should be professional in this matter. i am sorry~

oh..thanks room-mate for distracting me last night..hehe~

i dislike canceled is only a way to make me being lazy..huhu..not likey~

positive schuzyy!!! huhu~

peace n out ^_^

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