Thursday, January 6, 2011

getting old~


last night was the first time i was not enjoying my time at work..gosh! really felt like i'm a bit older for those kids. i was bebel-ling at this girl because she wasn't too new that she need help in the arrogant of a kid that think she's the best. omg! kids these days..that is the moment when i think i am getting older..or maybe should i re-phrase it..i feel a bit wiser and mature..wah..hehe..they were singing and laughing and making stupid jokes..and worst of all..they spend twice the time i spent to settle the end-of-day job..gosh! really tested my patience. end-up we all went back at almost 12am! gosh i hate that..i really missed those time went i wass the youngest and they all treated me like young budak skolah..haha..yes yes..i know i am being pathetic! i am such an attention seeker..haha..ok2..enough of the like a 25! gosh! the number again~

positive schuzyy!!! u can do this!!!

peace and out ^_^

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