Monday, January 3, 2011

new year!


last night a friend said to me..i has been a long time since she last recite the quran. too remind me of me..and reading on shida's entry..she too talk about this..thanks dear..insyaallah..i will start making it constant~

my new year resolution? i hate doing this because it will remind me of someone. so i will only say..i will try do my best in everything..not judging a person on what they say. keep my mouth shut and be a good muslimah~

jodoh? hmm..having 25 as an kinda scary..everyone is asking..and what i can say is..tolong la carikan..haha~

my target for this year:
1. do my FYP rajin2!
2. NO Feeling involved!
3. be friendly- no more enemy please! stop being evil schuzyy! it is enough!
4. try not to burden MaBah ok~
5. less thinking on things that will not benefit any~

5 is enough~

peace n out ^_^

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