Monday, January 10, 2011

~AJL 25~


i will be commentating everything that happened during this few hours of AJL..hehe
since i wont be updating on i update here..hoho~

the opening was superb! gosh i still have crush on M Nasir!! love u en nasir!!!! ^_^

1. Yuna -Cinta Sempurna
- weird outfit..but still admire u ^_^ shida..nape tgk yuna aku tingat ko? adakah ko sperti yuna? hmmm~
- nice backdrop!!! love it!
-new arrangement is not as good as last year~

2. Tomok - Berlari
- nice dance!!! gothic! api!!
- me still not ur fan! ;p

3. API -Pelita
- cute start!
- always love Noh's voice..sooothing~
- ehem.. Nazi? controversy?
- nice end! it!except the dying part..haha~

4. Shahir - kebahagiaan dlm perpisahan (lgu edry upernye)
- makan dalam~
- soothing voice~
- hair..not cute~
- xmeremang..will pass..kalo menang xtau nk ckp pe~
- hahaha..she really slapped him!!! good one!

* commercial break..a long one..
i googled on niquitin..haha..i wanted to give it to someone. i hope it'll work~

5. Meet uncle husin +black - drama king
- xbjaya mnarik minat melekatkan mata kt tv..

6. hafiz - nokhtah cinta
- opening mcm lagu xigt yg mn..huhu~
- gimmick! haha..drama..hantu nyanyi!! gaga..nice2!
- hafiz u r cute..mcm bdak2..cute2~ ;p

*xsabar nk tunggu lgu fezal tahir!!! mane ni~

haha..faizal ismail with justin bieber's hair..haha..cute~

7. ana raffali - tolong ingatkan aku
-keutuhan cinta? hmm~
- wow! cage..changing clothes..
- eyes on screen but no remang2~
- still with her baju-kurung! good image i say~

yipee! faizal tahir after this!!! ^_^
twitter? haish~
haha..gedik act!

8. faizal tahir - slamat malam
-wahaaa...nice drama there..walopon mcm xde kaitan anything bout u is good!! u!!! love u!!

wah...edry sggh hencem d ctu~

9. adira - ku ada kamu~
- props nice~
-auh..baju cantik!!
- voice boley tahan~
*hm..i didnt follow their season of Af..dont know this girl much~
- org sabah mmg suara sedap eh? got a sabahan friend who sing very well too~
- oh..dah abes lgunya..xprasan..haha~

10. bunkface - xtravaganza
-please be weird! erk..haha~
-yes! way to go weirdos! but they are superb u guys!
-sam remind me of Beatles..hehe
- nice music! but why oh why everyone just sat on their chairs? gosh! u gotta be kidding' me!

11. Black - sofea jane
- oh..yana tunggu ni..hehe
-saye suke! the lyrics..the performance..the soothingness~
-oh black..ur voice is much bearable like this~
- oh..tarik2
* hmm..when will someone name a song after mine? ;p

*another commercial break~

12. faizal tahir - hanyut
-aaaaaa...fezal!!! cair~
- maafkan lah ku xbisa hidup tanpa kamu~
-aa...kompem menang! xmenang xtau la nk kate pe!
- eh ade tegelincir sikit..huhu..xpe2 sikit je
-woh drama!!waaaaaaaaaaa..dramaaaa!!! i luv u faizal!!!
- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
- cair~
- sy terlalu kagum juge~

13. stacy - jahat!(lagu edry lg?)
- please dont top my abg!
- wiwit! love the baju! n the dance of cos!
- wow..but not as much as my abg! ;p

*shadap not shadap = diam x diam...hahahaha~

14. hujan - mencari konklusi
- loud! voice ilang begitu saje~
- ok tbe2 jeles ngn mizz nina~
-u did better before!

*eh habis dah
*another commercial break; oh..byknye iklan yg dubbed from Indonesian..why?

ok back!
haha..3 supernovas! ;ziana zain, kak pah, n CT~
-oh kak pah dah pakai tudung? alhamdullillah~
-love this song..hati ku kau bawa pergi terbang tinggi..ku menanti pelukanmu yg kurindukan~
- eh sengau?
-oh lagu jiwa kacau! yikes~
= 2nd song: auh..feel like dancing! go-go..ago-go! cucuk bintang! kak pah..lawa la mekup!

ziana zain
-wiwitt!! miss u n ur kening! ;p
- woh! remang2! madah berhelah!
- oh my! kalo ziana yg masuk..kalah org lain nih~

-wah..less covered i more tudung! omg! what happened? ke pakai tp kaler hitam? nih..xnmpk lak..
- wah..make-up cantik!!! nak2!
- dah kurus blk ye cik CT? jeles2 ;p
- kagum..voice still the same~
- ahaa..cindai! my most favorite! teringat masa kecik2..hehe..kumpul duit skolah semata2 nk beli kaset ct..hehe~

the winners are:

persembahan terbaik: faizal tahir; hanyut! yey!!!! my abg!!!

vokal terbaik: hafiz; nokhtah cinta: stuju2!! flawless..soothing~

3rd: ajai noktah cinta HAFIZ!!
2nd: taja/tun teja meet uncle husin+black drama king~

asal xbedebar pon? huu~

juara lagu : ana raffali??? tlg ingatkan aku? omg! mmg wow..congrats dear..i'm speechless~

ok..faizal tahir xmenang? hmm..sedey sket d ctu..xpe2~

ok..that's all about AJL 25..hmm..hate the number..huhu~

i was supposed to search on my assignments' material but what i did just clearing my email inbox..and i found something that i think worth sharing here~

New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

Resolution No. 1: Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Laughing feels much better than stressing.; yes..i am doing this much currently..oh..i smile~

Resolution No. 2: Practice Forgiveness

commit to forgiving those who have hurt you — and to forgiving yourself as well~

Resolution No. 3: Donate Your Time to Others

Helping others actually benefits you too — it can make you feel great. Research shows that people who volunteer are physically and mentally healthier than people who don't. have something to look forward to~

Resolution No. 4: Get Organized at Home

You'll feel more on top of chores and less overwhelmed when at least one aspect of your life is in good order.
this is definitely in my list! :D

Resolution No. 5: Put Sex Back Into Your Life

Sex not only keeps you close to your partner, but it also offers health benefits.

Resolution No. 6: Schedule a Health Check-Up

Resolution No. 7: Manage Stress

Resolution No. 8: Keep Exercising

exercise in general helps to manage stress and makes most people feel better and function better

Resolution No. 9: Commit to Healthier Eating

 a healthydiet improves physical health as well as emotional health and cognitive function

Resolution No. 10: Have Fun With Friends

Making time for friends and social relationships can help lower stress levels. 

Resolution No. 11: Hit the Hay on Time

Studies have found that children who have regularly scheduled and healthy sleep become physically and emotionally healthier adults. Adopt good sleep practices, including setting a regular bedtime and waking up at the same time each day (yes, on weekends, too). To get good quality sleep, create a dark, quiet, and comfortable sleep environment.

Creativity Can Keep You Healthy

If you've ever wanted to take singing, dancing, or knitting lessons, you've got a perfect reason to start: Creativity reduces stress and keeps you healthy.

Most importantly, whatever you decide to do, make it fun. Sure, it's one more thing to add to your busy schedule, but taking time for creativity is one of the best investments you can make for your body and spirit.

ps: ok..still in mood xpecaye..huhu~
pape pon..congrats to all always..they win...not us..haha..

peace n out ^_^

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