Monday, January 24, 2011

go or no go?


first i would like to say..thanks Allah for the approval from MARA! i think this is a sign from U that u did not think he is the one..even my heart feel is ok..head dont think so too..i hope i can find someone that can take me for who i am..not trying to change me..i am better like can u not want this side of me..and trying  to bring the evil side of me? gosh~

i know being with them makes me being a lot like them as i am a 'suitor' but for 'that' matter..i just wont let me be like them..i am way better. i know i can be like them..but i choose not too..i love my religion and my family..Alhamdullilah..Thanks for loving me Allah..i know i will always do..for few moments ago..when i was thinking about 'that'..about giving it away just to prove the 100%..i regret even to think about it..that's the bad of technology..too much info can do harm..i hope i can still keep this to myself until the time comes. Insyaallah..please help me be a better muslimah~

test are coming! wednesday: HVT, thursday: PCI and PDE..gosh! still havent covered all..yosh schuzyy!! u can do it!!

next week will be holiday! yey! and i will be going home! yey again!

ok..few time-wasters~

You Are Very Emotionally Savvy

You listen to your emotions and always check in with them. You believe they are important.
When it comes to making decisions, you listen to how you are feeling. Your emotions provide valuable clues.

You understand your emotions, but sometimes it takes a while to know how you are really feeling.
When you're in an emotionally charged situation, your feelings aren't always clear.*nescafe? ;p

You know how to keep your negative emotions in check and under wraps.*friends help~
You are able to get out of a funk simply by thinking positive thoughts.

You Are a Thoughtful Best Friend

You are generous and caring. You often know exactly what your best friend needs.
You are good at helping others with their problems. You are very patient and compassionate.

You don't anger easily. You have a big heart, and you try your best to give others the benefit of the doubt.
*i do get angry..but i try to hide it to prevent anymore problems~
You are protective of your friends and family members. You would do anything in your power for them.
*kinda doubt this~

You Are Liquid

You are a laid back person, and you always good with the flow. Why fight things?
You are dreamy and imaginative. You get swept up in the moment, and you love abstract concepts.

You are comfortable with solitude. You treasure your alone time and get into your own groove.
You don't follow rules, and you definitely aren't punctual.
You act without consulting anyone else.
*these aren't true!!

peace n out  ^_^

ps: i lied a few times..but is it OK if it is only for the greater good?

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