Tuesday, November 9, 2010

life and meaning~


it has been a while since i last wrote here..nothing much happened in life..i am having good 3 weeks holidays here in aloqstaq..finally..i got to rest all day..wanted to sleep all day..but i heard they said..too much sleep make u fat..yes u..not me..haha..so i am trying to keep my sleep just in the range of 5-8 hours per day..but in this holiday..i just cant help it..it usually exceed~ *sighs*

usually..my day starts late..breakfast(can't skip one..or tummy will rebel) prepare lunch..have lunch..tv..nap..evening..go out..jalan2 or just some gardening works..night..dinner..out or just staying at home..watch tv..play with adib or just lazying around..haha..oh..what i love during this month..9-10pm on tv1 and 10-11pm on astro..some food for the soul i would say..12am..(OMG! i totally forgot mama said check airasia!..going now..continue later)

ok..airasia is going super slow! but i found a great deal! haha~

ok2..back to writting while i wait for the web site to load..huhu..

i've been spending my time reading and observing..and mostly on youngsters today..they said..20s is the age of seeking one true identity..so expecting much of identity conflicts and etc. so..it too is effecting myself..and i think holiday is the best time for me to look inside my heart and head and think..and re-think..what i wnat in my life? what can i do to make my future the better place to live in? i been thinking a lot.. i lost myself twice now..and this time..it gave me quite a big impact..as i am accepting the fact that i am no longer young..as i always wanted it to be..haha..and what i discovered bout my heart..its ability to protect itself for getting further hurt. it has harden to a limit that i seek help to soften it. but still no clue of softening..but i think that is best for it..usually the impact would only valid to the opposite sex..but this time..it applies to both..maybe that's the sign of maturity. *what?

i was looking at my friends pictures..and also some live events of all sweet cuddling couples. sometimes i think i was jealous of them.me not having a bf and not getting a chance of getting a huge hugs and being cuddle like that..i was jealous of friends talking on the phone..hours..frequently texting..YMing..BBMing..sweet comments on fb..emailing..and anything that anyone could think of..my heart ache everytime  come across any of that..it is pathetic of me..i know. i am broken-hearted mind you..but come to think of it..i think Allah is helping me in a way that i could not really understand now..but eventually i will...i have faith it that..i know~

if u are friends of mine who are doing all of above..it is ok if u want to do it..i am fine with it..dont feel guilty..i might look sad..but believe me..i am trying hard not to..having u in my life is very much appreciated! like they say..i still have u and my parents to make me happy ^_^


*FYI: my current writing mood and style is strongly influenced by the character Sheldon of BigBangTheory..haha..i hope this wont last long because i got bored re-reading my own entry..hahahahaha

Your Life Has Meaning

You live a meaningful and full life. On average, you have more good days than bad days.*amin!! 
That being said, your life is like most lives and could use a bit of improvement.*true

It's likely that you still feel a bit bored or unmotivated from time to time. You sometimes lose track of your mission.*haha..u tell me~
Remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Sometimes you need to step back to remember what your life's purpose is.

peace n out ^_^


ShahrulZakri said...

aiyo.. cik azyy yg jiwa kacau tgh menulis ye? cepat2 la cari bf.. sementara cuti2 ni bleh la mencari..

schuzyy said...

haha..cuti kene la cuti..mana ley ada activiti2 xsihat camtu ;p