Friday, November 19, 2010

selamat hari raya aidil adha!!


it's hari raya again! yey! and what is most intersting this raya is during holiday..i got to do everything i wanted! which is..staying at home..haha~

so how's raya? mine was just fine..nothing much..only that this raya..only me my parents and my bro's wife n kid are not so much fun..huhu..but what new this raya is..i made some improvements..hehe..i am ok doing house raya day..mama was we stayed at home..and since only 3 of us left at home..i am left with all the works..prepare the baju for abah n mama..the food..the house..wah..kinda weird..felt like a housewife already..but i dont mind..feel like a woman..wah!

and today..we had a little was a tiring day! i am flat! rite after magrib..i fell asleep..but mama woke me up asking me to help with the homestay cleaning..tired..but it is OK! dont worry mama..

one thing that i remember from today..mak mak angkat said my air asam was super good! hoho...hilang sume wonder our moms dont mind cooking for us even after a very long day..the look on her kids face will automatically erase all her tiredness~

mama..i love u! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

ps: i notice one of my objek usharan love doing "^_^" too..hehe..excited! ^_^

You Are a Crab

You can be an emotional and sensitive creature. Things get to you.
You are a bit withdrawn and shy, but you're also willing to come out of your shell sometimes.*winks*

You are quite flexible and easy going if your trust is earned. You like to observe quietly.*my hobby
You move with the rhythm of life. You try not to fight anything.*sighs

You Are Lucy

You are smart as a whip... maybe a little too smart for your own good! Other people tend to annoy you.
You tell it like it is, and you're not about to spare anyone's feelings. You're very blunt.

You are assertive to the point of being aggressive. You know what you want, and you're going to make sure you get it.
Deep down, you're trying to be helpful. You give good advice, even if people don't want to hear it. You always shoot from the hip.

Your Love is Free

You love openly and easily. You can usually find something to love about someone or something.
You are very compassionate and forgiving. You understand that no one is perfect.*ahaa..see~

Whenever possible, you try to love instead of hate. You believe that there is too much hate in this world.
You see the best in people, and you hope they see the best in you as well. You think we should all be easier on one another.*true~

You Are Hopscotch

You are easygoing and carefree. You like to play, but you don't really like to compete.
You prefer to cooperate with others. You like to work with people ... not against them!

You have a childlike innocence and optimism that is worth holding on to.*okey
You find happiness easily. You can get pleasure from the smallest things.*pretending helps

You Go for Brains

When it comes to attraction, you go for more than meets the eye.
Eye candy is all fine and good, but you need more good looks to be into someone.

You're looking for a deep connection, and that can only happen when you meet someone who thinks like you.
That's not to say you don't appreciate sexy people. You just prefer sexy and smart!*ok..that's funny~


peace n out ^_^

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