Monday, November 22, 2010

hahahahaha..ow..that's sweet~


wonder what was the title is all about? hehe..well..since my room-mate introduced me to The Big Bang Theory, i have been laughing and sooo influenced by the series..yes..i am an easy target to new influences..huhu..ok..back to the series..i got so interested in it since i saw her watching and laughing by herself..and one night..she played 3 episodes back-to-back and that's the starting point for me..the BBT's fever! haha..and knowing that few of my other friends and lecturers too are following the i am too..been following the series..waiting on new episodes..downloading! and today..i watched the latest episode..and i hope mama n abah dont hear me laughing my heart out just now..haha~


You Should Go on a Mediterranean Cruise

You're the type of person who likes to shake things up from time to time. You're always looking for a new kind of fun.
You'd like to put a twist on your typical vacation routine, without going too off the map.

You are stylish, sophisticated, and worldly. You're ready to experience the sights and tastes of Mediterranean port cities.
A whirlwind vacation through European is exactly what you need to break out of your routine!

doing this make me think again on where are places that i want to visit before i die~

1. A place that i will take my parents and live there till the end..insyaallah..this is also abah's wish~

2. a place that i always dream on having a career at~

3. A place that i will go with my love~

4. a place that i will have a home to relax from the hectic world~

* this is one of the place that i've been to and will definitely be there again..and this time..the wave will see me surf! yeehaaa!! 

5. Need to see this to heal the old wound~

*it is never wrong to dream~

here's some pictures i like while i was google-ing today..hehe~

but love this the most~

peace n out ^_^

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