Sunday, November 21, 2010

change or not to change?


i am thinking..should i or should i not change my appearance? i've been thinking to wear those selendang. not those fancy ones..just the ordinary style..shida said i look nice with selendang..but now when i tried it just sont seem fit anymore..haha..well maybe because now it is kinda out-dated already. so i am back to my bawals..which make mama said..haish..xdak ka tudung lain nak pakai? haha..i dont like those awning bawals seem simple and practical it is either bawal..syria or selendang? hmm..clothes? blouse? sigh! not yet a woman! t-shirt it is! haish..i want to be bawals with t-shirt n fancy2 thingy..but i wont look attractive..and no one will notice me! so what to do? should i change?

Islam say.. wearing our clothes clean and covering the aurat will be beautiful enough for Allah~

so who do i want to please?

oh..some time-waster~

You Are Allspice

You are not as complex as you seem to others. You really just like to keep things simple.
People think you're something you're not. And you're getting a little sick of being misunderstood!

You enjoy the company of others, and you appreciate people from all walks of life. You love to learn about different points of view.
You seem familiar to strangers. People probably tell you that you remind them of someone else.*haha..always get this~

peace n out ^_^


Diza Ramli said...

Tshirt dengan jeans pun cool ape :)

schuzyy said...

btol3! ^_^