Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 6: Stockholm


Hi again!! 

Thanks to Kak Ija and her husband for the encouragement to start blogging again! yey! so here's the continuation of my solo journey! The long delayed updates. Sorry. But seriously what sadden me much tonight was the fact that most of the pictures I took during the journey were nowhere to be found..oh except for few that was posted on Instagram T_T 

Now u see how important Instagram is? ^_^

Day 6: Stockholm

Just a plain view in the Oslo's hostel. Nice right?

Oh from the previous post, after I went back to the hostel to get the bag..the journey continues to the bus terminal which I stayed for few hours till the bus at 11pm.
A one-eye selfie at Oslo Sentralstasjon (bus/train) terminal. 

Bus to Stockholm from Oslo S = NOK 259

The bus journey was not a great one. But thank God I am a great anywhere-I-can-sleeper so bus is nothing for me ^_^

Next stop: Stockholm
Currency : Swedish Krona (SEK)
 SEK 1 = MYR 0.46

Reached Stockholm Centralstation at 6.45am

I love the view of this station. Especially the place where you can see the commuters on the lower level.

*Sadly, all the pictures from Stockholm was in my other camera and still not sure where the camera is T_T

 Like usual..first stop was the toilet.haha. cost 10SEK
(that's Swedish Krona which equal to almost RM5..yep..yet we are complaining hahahaha)

Next? Let's get rid of the baggage..where's the locker? Oh yes..medium size locker cost me 70SEK (MYR 32 stop converting AZY!!)

First thing to do while you are travelling (without real plan that is.. haha)
Coffee session with the guide book
Cost : SEK41

Usually before I plan for the activities at the city, I always check what I need to do in the next future. Here  I mean what is the best way to get from the city to the airport as for the next destination, I'll be taking a flight. So the information counter told me that the bus for airport cost 159 SEK. Ok! Don't convert! Just buy it ok.

Now..let's get around Stockholm baby!!

The HopOnHopOff bus cost me another 380 SEK for a whole day pass which I think quite valuable as it cover not just land but also ferry rides. 

Thumbs up Stockholm!!

Then I went to have a late lunch with my fellow friend whom I know from Glasgow, Mr Sebastian! thanks for the lunch bro! Luv yah!! ^_^

After the Stockholm get to know session, I head back to the bus terminal to get ready for the airport.

Arrived at the airport by bus around 7.15pm..and my flight is at 6.30am.
Seriously the view from the terminal to the airport was calming. I can't forget the dark-blue skyline with some pine trees by the road sides.

#sleepingatairport tips!

Always bring extra teddy or blankie when sleeping at bus terminal or airport as it will get freezing around 1am till 6 am. Maybe that's their method to shove the homeless out. Hahaha.. but I survived! yey!

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Total expenses: SEK 844 (=MYR390)

That is together with SEK 150 for souvenirs..not bad~  

Peace and out~

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