Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 14: Prague, Czech Republic


Vítejte v Praze, v České Republika!

That's "Welcome to Prague!!" in Czech ^_^

The currency here is CZK

1 Czech Rep Koruna (CZK) = MYR 0.15

We arrived in Prague or 'Praha' at 6.21pm by train. 
We were shocked to see the view. It is an old city. Feel old too. 

We checked-in out hostel which is just 10 minutes away from the train station.

We were so hungry that night and we went out hunting for food and we found a Vietnam restaurant. haha~

Fried Pho? MYR 47? hahaha~

Then we went for a short strolling then straight back to the hostel to rest.

The next day..

8am: Checked-out
8.30am: Strolling and looking for food!

The hostel kitchen was horrible! Almost non-existance. Yet they claim having a kitchen. haish~

Our breakfast..that's just fried cheese dipped with sour sauce. How..emm..little?

View of the Vltava River from the Charles Bridge
  1. The Vltava is the longest river within the Czech Republic, running southeast along the Bohemian Forest and then north across Bohemia, through Český Krumlov, České Budějovice and Prague, and finally merging with the Elbe at Mělník. Wikipedia

Prague Castle and the crowd

Coffee by the square

View from the Castle

Stairs heading to the Castle

Illuminati? A lot of the ' eyes' here.

Pretty house by the Vltava River

Valdštejnská zahrada

Senate garden which is open to public. 
Hidden gem of the city

Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square. 
Every tourist darling~

Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)

haha. How we wish to steal this. We walk the entire way around Prague. 

With only printed map as usual and our feet.

Dancing House; another building that I adore.
This made me thinking, were I supposed to do architecture? 
Oh it's a restaurant! With a great view of the Prague Castle

Our meal for the day by the Wenceslas Square. 
There are Bata shop here. haha. amazing right?
Yep..Bata the shoe shop~

Narodni Museum


Old Town Square and Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Laterna Magika (a theater) on the left and The National Theater on the right

After all the tiring stroll we head to the airport for the morning flight.

9pm: Airport. Sleeping at the airport of course! haha~

Our bed for the night

Our morning coffee before next destination! hoho~

Day 1: CZK 728 + Day 2: CZK572

Total expenses: CZK 1300 = MYR200

That's all from Prague!

Na shledanou!!

That's Good Bye in Czech ^_^

Peace and out~

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