Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 5: Oslo - Stockholm


As I already fully recharged for the day, I start my morning super early. I packed all my stuff and check-out at 7.30am and leave the bag in the luggage room as I told in the previous entry. Then I went to the Oslo S, that's the same station I arrived yesterday and bought the 24 hours ticket for NOK90. This is pretty cheap compared to the HOHO bus ticket or the Oslo Pass. But if you bought the Oslo pass you are able to enter few of the museums for free. I am not much of a museum-lover so I am very happy to skip those. hehe. save money. 
The tram and bus system are pretty simple to understand plus the way I always travel with not much of planning made it super easy to go around. I just look at the map, find one stop that is furthest reachable by the ticket then get on the bus! and tadaaaahhh.. you are there. If you are one of the 'planning' person..you are going to hate travelling with me. haha. 
The view from the Oslo S.

Some IT  building. Cool. 
One of the train station I stopped by because I took the wrong bus. haha. oh well..people make mistakes. 
The People Museum.
this is one big melon!!! 
This is at Bygdøy. One of the places that you need to visit if you are in Oslo. All sort of museum situated here. plus this view!! 
And this..
Then I got hungry and get this 'pide brød' for NOK15 and have my lunch by the sea with the birds. The bread taste ok but it was almost 30cm in diameter and i managed to eat only quater of it then the rest i feed to the birds. haha. after that, i took a ferry back to the Rådhuset (City Hall) for NOK50 and spend the whole evening taking wonderful pictures of these. 
The ferry ride.
Few of the boats and yatch and ships at the Aker Brygge area. 
Oslo City Hall
There's just too much nudity in the city..sigh..
Now it's sea, ships and sunshine. superb!! 
The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art. The location is superb! 
The view from the museum. Great isn't it?
It's a Snow White Cake! crazy! 
Can you spot the person so heavenly swimming down there. Well that's the museum right there. hahahaaa.. something we don't get to see everyday. 
After the museum, I walked around the area to go the the next destination which is the castle. 
The Akershus Fortress with the castle. 
Isn't it great to have the chance to live here in the castle. The view is to die for. 
The castle.
Next to the Castle, there is the Armed Forces Museum which is free but by the time i get there it is already closed. bad timing. huhu. 
Then i continue my walk to see the Opera house as people said the view is spectacular there. but then i saw this. Doesn't this remind you of the Grand Budapest Hotel? 
this is the Norwegian National Ballet and Opera. all that in marble! superb!! love it! 
oh yeah, this is dedicated to all Hard Rock fans out there. hehe
Before I headed back to the hostel for my bags, i saw this protest at the Parliament building. Not sure what it was about as they were speaking in Norwegian. 

So that's all..my one day trip in Oslo. In short, it is an expensive city but won't do much harm to the pocket if you know your tummy well. hehe

Total expenses: NOK175 

Peace and out~

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