Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 10: Budapest, Hungary


Next destination? Budapest, Hungary!!! 
MYR 1 = HUF74 (Hungarian Forint)
After 9 days travelling alone, finally I have my travel partner by my side; Miss Shafiqa Hanafi (Fifi)! Thanks for the company my baby melon lady hehe~
The journey from Warsaw to Budapest by WizzAir. 
Arrived at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport at 4pm and meeting Fifi really was a relief. Somehow it felt great to be able to speak Malay again. haha. Oh yep. I did not do any phone calls to anyone while travelling because I actually told my parents that I was travelling with friends..haha so no calls means no kantoi. hahaha~

Will consider to repeat maybe for honeymoon ^_^
Peace and out~

Low cost airline which cost me PLN289 (MYR291) 

Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland before flying to Budapest, Hungary

Meeting Miss Shafiqa Hanafi for the first time ^_^
 After arriving at the airport, we took bus and train straight to city centre to look for our hostel.
Fare: HUF 530 (MYR 7)

City Hostel Pest

We assume that this hostel is for some college referring to the word 'Kollegium' up there.
Great place with beds and study desk but we are sharing bathrooms with the next room. Which is kinda scary as we don't really know what gender are staying there. All the what ifs came to our mind that night. haha..but luckily everything was okay.

We went for a strolling during the night as it was not that scary now that I have Fifi.. haha thanks dear. Budapest is seriously one pretty city day and night!!

This tabacco coffe is seriously good!! I can still remember the taste even now! I miss this so much!
HUF 400 

The Chain Bridge
This is not a Google image ok. I took this with my Iphone 5s. Great isn't it?)

In Budapest, we bought the HopOnHopOff bus ticket for HUF 7000. 
Pricey but totally worth it. It inclusive of bus and river cruise 

Gellert Hill and statue from afar 

Danube River and Buda Castle Quarter at night.

 I have this habit of wanting to know the temperature of places.

Coffee we had at Buda Castle. (HUF890)

 Szent Istvan statue

Matthias Church

Statue at Trinity Square

Hahaha.purposely took this picture because of the name. Haris.

Chain Bridge's lion

Chain Bridge up-close

There are lots of statues like this along the Danube River.

Bank of Danube as UNESCO Heritage Site

There's some stories that goes together with the statues 

Fifi with her pose

Part of my bench project pictures

Fish Goulash; they said the best one is the meat but we can't find any Halal store so we decided to try this one. Taste just like our Malaysian 'asam pedas'  

Wikipedia: Gundel crepes, stuffed with walnuts and served in chocolate sauce, often flambéed
Taste great for the dark chocolate!

Wikipedia: Stove cake or Chimney cake, cooked over an open fire—a Transylvanian specialty, famous as Hungary's oldest pastry

This one? OMG! I felt in love at the first site with this Kurtos! Seriously. Thank God there are few shops selling this in Malaysia. The best one I found that can match the one I tasted in Budapest is the one in Publika, Jalan Duta. Go try it now!!  

Ok2. Back to the travelogue.
Now we took the night river cruise to indulge in the night view. Great one. 

Castle Quarter

Chain Bridge

That's the end for Budapest. Seriously there are much more pictures that I wish to share here but these are the only one I uploaded on Instagram. Seriously people! Budapest is the best city I have visited so far. 
The coffee, the view, the kurtos, the goulash, everything about Budapest! 
I miss everything about Budapest~

Total expenses: HUF 11,772.50 (MYR160)

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