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Day 7, 8, 9: Stockholm - Warsaw


The journey continues to the next country..Poland!!

Arrived by flight at 8am, which means 1 and half hour flight from Stockholm to Warsaw.

Arriving at Warsaw airport which was quite a small airport...much smaller than our LCCT..but you can take the shuttle bus to the centre for PLN15.

1 Polish Zloty (PLN) = MYR 1

Surprise? Don't be! it would be easier for us to convert everything right? ^_^

The hostel I booked through was the Globetrotter Hostel, Warsaw. 

I love that they provide your own lamp at the double decker bed like this. It is a shared hostel so anything you do can upset others. So this is a huge thumb's up for me ^_^

Cost me PLN39 for a bed in a 4-bed female room. A wonderful hostel that allows cooking and unlimited coffee. Yey! And since I still have my Maggi..the breakfast menu is not a mystery now. ^_^

Since I was spending 3 days 2 nights in Warsaw, I decided to take a long nap today. Yep..a waste of time..I know. But if you are travel solo for the first time, 8th day on your own kinda feel more tired. I guess it was the effort to look calm and confidence that drains the energy out. haha.

My lunch/ dinner: The free unlimited coffee and Maggi Kari brought all the way from Scotland and Warsaw guide. hehe

** Always grab one of this at sight! great help! plus sometimes..or most of the time they have discount coupons in it. Great! ^_^

Bought the HopOnHopOff bus pass for PLN80 for 3 day pass which covers 2 lines. Totally worth it especially when you are travelling alone. Safest way to travel and covers everything in short time.

View from my morning stroll from the hostel to Centrum (city centre where you can find the bus and train terminal)

Palace of Culture and Science

Majestic!! I like how they build the city. You an find old and new building with great designs side-by-side.

In the city guide I showed earlier state a few FREE walking tour from various spot which for my opinion a great way to get to know the city a bit more. Plus it is free! Oh not really..they will ask for donation at the end of the trip but it is entirely up to you and your pocket. hehe~

They say, few people jump off the bridge and they marked it due to some reason..which I forget haha..sorry~

View from the street. This is actually real bears!!
City Zoological Garden in Warsaw, Ratuszowa 1/3, 03-461 Warszawa, Poland

There you have it. the address to drop by.

All these girls are solo traveller. Girl power!!

Parish of St. Mary Magdalene. An orthodox church what the guide said. Not entirely sure bout that. But I spot few ladies wearing what looks like "telekung' for me.

Which means a lot to me. If you know what I mean~

Warsaw Financial Centre
Cool design! Pity those maintenance guy tho~

Bazylika Kathedral. Always adores the design. 

Some park we stop by. These statues will play you songs if you text the song code and send to the stated phone number at the side of the drums. If you can see the thing under that guy back there, that is actually the speaker. Cool right? They say the old folks on this side of Warsaw which is called Praga, love to hang out in parks and listen to music and dance. Not so lucky for me not spotting any that day. huu~

Day market. But the trip decided to skip this as this will consume time. and money haha~ 
Wise decision!

Fellow FREE walking trip crowd.

Warsaw Vodka Factory "Koneser"

UNESCO for the Warsaw Old Town

They have a lot of these. Cute

The Old Town; mermaid!

The restaurant for my lunch; they say it is one of the oldest one in the old town. The design is somewhat like what our kopitiam looks like right?
Lunch at the Old Town with my new friend, Agnes from Lithuania. I totally forgot the names of this dishes. huuhu. But the Bean soup taste ok. The Coffee was great! That one I remember hehe~
Cost PLN 10.60

Here's Agnes. Great meeting you girl!!

Just me being a kid

The Old Town Market Place

Still me being a kid. PLN6. haha 

Some anime fans gathering

Supreme Court of Poland; those statues..

some important character.. huhu sorry

Stadion Narodowy

Stadion Narodowy; upclosed

The National Stadium is a retractable roof football stadium located in Warsaw, Poland. It is used mostly for football matches and it is the home stadium of Poland national football team - WIkipedia

Retractable roof? We so need this!! 

The street view in Praga

That palm tree in the middle of de Gualle Roundabout has some significant value for Jew in Warsaw. 
"Entitled "Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue," it artificially melds an element of Israel's natural scenery into the Warsaw city surroundings. Jerusalem Avenue was a location of Jewish settlement in the 18th century, and the palm tree plays upon this bit of history."- source
Warsaw was not very friendly to me. Was harassed few times. But a girl from my hostel told me just ignore them. They were just curious why on earth tourist want to visit their city. haha. That surely help me gain back my braveness to walk by myself. 

 Later that day I found an advert promoting anti-racism. hahaha. OK. That explained the situation a bit more.

Few of my 2 nights fellow dorm mates. Great stories from both of them. The reason why I love staying at a hostel. ^_^

Milk tea with pearl!! They call it BOBA. cute! Still can't beat Chatime!! 
PLN 11

That is the last 'food' I have in Poland. as I heading to Budapest after my 3 days in Warsaw.
On Day 9 after check-out from the hostel at 11am, I took my last chance on the HOHO bus for my good-bye to Poland. Then I took a train from Centralny (bus/train station at the Centrum) to Chopin Airport.

Flight at Chopin Airport 3.15pm to Budapest

Total expenses:
PLN 479
+ GBP5 for the flight( Stockholm- Warsaw by Ryan Air)
+ PLN 289 (flight Warsaw - Budapest by WizzAir)

PS: I guess saying Warsaw was not so friendly to me was not so accurate. The pictures show differently right? haha. oh well

Peace and out~

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