Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 11, 12, 13: Budapest, Hungary - Vienna, Austria - Prague, Czech Republic


Day 11: Budapest - Vienna

9.30am: Bus to Vienna
Groupama Arena, Budapest, Hungary

This is where we waited for the bus. They do have bus terminal but the bus we going to Vienna with depart from here. Oh well. Nice view of the stadium.

Our fellow bus riders? haha. Oh yeah..the bus was delayed for 3 hours. 3 hours! Avoid taking the Orangeways bus at all cost! haish~

12.45pm: Arrived at Vienna
The bus terminal was not so user friendly
The info counter lady was speaking to us in their language.

At this moment I didn't realize it was german language.
I have 3 years German language courses and it took me a while to recall back the language.

 We managed getting to the city safely by train from U-Bahn Stadion

We only bought the train pass and we made our own trips using a map. Printed map that is. Not Google maps or Waze or any gadget ok. ^_^

Stadion Centre

Arrived at the city centre. Very near to our hostel.

Great design. Maintenance team? Great work! Thumbs up!

Oh. A picture from Chain Bridge, Budapest. haha. Sorry. I miss Budapest so much!
Didn't I look slimmer in this picture? hahahaha~

3.00pm: Checked in hostel (Strawberry Hostel, Mariahilfe Strasse)
Having tea by the window because it was raining in the evening. 

So we just stay at the hostel doing laundry. haha~

Great hostel! Offer self-laundry service for 4Euro

Total expenses: 63.70 Euro

Day 12: Vienna, Austria

7am: Laundry
9am: Breakfast

Our breakfast. Yep. Just bread and coffee. 

9.30am: Hundertwasserhaus

Strudel and coffee at the Hundertwasserhaus. 
Just started doing this. haha~

Cigarette vending machine. I wonder what's going to happen if we have this in our country. Hmm~

I like this~

I used to admire this building when studying German language. Admiring from the name, the pictures. Love the ideas of not having any rules. 
Alhamdullilah, I have this chance to visit the building.

Stores near Hundertwasserhaus

Karlskirche (Karl's Church)

Karlsplatz old train station

State Opera House

Glimpse inside

Historical Art Museum

Rathaus (Town Hall)

St Stephan Cathedral; pretty

Austrian Parliament Building

6.30pm: Hostel
Our dinner. Bought the margherita pizza , eggs, instant noodles and those lovely Vienna Coffee from store nearby.

Total expenses: 14.62 Euro

Day 13: Vienna, Austria - Prague, Czech Republic

Breakfast by Fifi

Our last coffee in Vienna. Segafredo is quite famous here. But it is from Italy
11am: Kopi

1.31pm: Bye Vienna

Waiting for our train to Prague! If you can see back there. Graves. hahaha. scary!

Another coffee for the journey

6.21pm: Hello Praha~

Total expenses: Euro 32.90 + CZK 728

So that's sum the journey in Vienna. I think Vienna is okay. My judgement is bias because it was raining almost the whole time. Fifi even had fever on the first night. 

So..till next destination~

Peace and out~

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