Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 2: Dublin


Dublin is a city of literature they say and a visit to all the libraries and places related to authors are a must to visit. So they say. But since most of the libraries, museums and pretty much everything have entrance free, I skipped all those and focused on the 'free' places hehe. Well you know how backpackers on super tight budget are right? When you are in Dublin City Centre, the one thing that you cannot missed is the Spire of Dublin! Me and my friends been calling it the needle.
It does look like a needle from this angle right? haha
This is the real thing, it was destroyed by the Irish because this was built by English. But the replaceing Spire of Dublin too is an English design. funfact. hoho

Again. This is the Spire of Dublin. If you miss it, that means you are just blind. hehe. sorry.
You heard bout Guinness beer? this is the place they made it originally. there are packed with people the whole day. no not me. i can't stand the smell. Sorry no review on this. hehe 
one of the monument in Pheonix Park. great place to bring your kids for a run. or just bring yourself for a sunbath. i love it! 
This was taken at The Little Museum of Dublin. I forgot U2 is irish. and here they have one whole room dedicated to Bono and U2. The museum is free to visit if you take the freedom pass. 
in front of the museum, there is this park called St Stephen's Green. Took a stroll here while enjoying the sun and while i checked for the places i can visit later on. 
The view is just great and calming.

In front of the green, there's this shopping mall. great view too. worth a visit. 
Dublin Castle
The Royal Church. Those uncles were really friendly. Seriously this is the reason why I am not scared of travelling alone. 
It never occur to me that the Irish don't really like the English. They even painted the post boxes green after they win aginst the English. Just wow!
The Croke Park. there are 2 stadiums in Dublin and both can be reached with public transport. no worries. 
The second one is Aviva Stadium. It is nearby the beach. the beach!!! 
And here's the beach! yey! Sandymount's beach.

There are lots more pictures but if i put it all here for sure this entry will crash again. So feel free to search me on instagram with the name azyy_ishak or just search with the #azyjenjalan. but be prepared. they are too much picture there you might get bored. hehe. so don't say I don't warn you. 

Oh. later that day, I checked to my next hostel, a horrible one. but I think they still have chance to improve with all the bad reviews they got on Spent the night in a 10-bed dorm with another 9 men. Crazy? was fine. I was under my blankie the whole night. hahaha. thanks to this 62 years old grandpa. He guard me well. haha. was a new experience that i will never ever forget.

That's all for my Day 2 updates. Stay tune for the rest of the updates 

oh yes, expenses for Day 2: I bought water and paid for the second night at the hostel and total cost = €16

Peace N out ~

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