Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 3: Dublin


I know i am waaaay behind schedule but oh well i will try my best to update the blog as soon as possible. So currently I am on day 12 and updating for day 3 is pretty much against my 'short term memory lost' issue. hehe. 

The hostel I was staying does have a nice kitchen that allow us to cook and luckily I brought maggi ( yes of course it's from Malaysia hehe) and have them together with my favorite Old Town White coffee (yes, that's also from Malaysia). There are some others too but I only get the chance to talk with these couple from Mexico and London. They are in Dublin to attend some conference. They did told me that they are presenting their company and they are trying to promote this medicine for cancer which I found very interesting. 

Since staying in Glasgow, strolling has become my favorite thing to do especially anywhere near water. So, I start the day by strolling near River Liffey. I just love the idea of going around the river and see faces of morning people jogging around the city. 
Lovely isn't it?
The Dublin Custom House
The Famine Memorial

Trivia from Wikipedia
The Great Famine of Ireland is memorialized in many locations throughout Ireland, especially in those regions that suffered the greatest losses, and also cities overseas with large populations descended from Irish immigrants. There are more than 100 memorials to the Irish Famine around the world.

The Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship
This somehow remind me of Glasgow Tall Ship Museum..gosh I do miss Glasgow.

This weird looking buidling is the Convention Centre Dublin or CCD. Cool right. But what i think cooler is the locks beside the buidling.
To see this, early in the morning just made my heart goes ooh la la..just my way of keeping calm I guess hehe. water..
Then I walked a little bit around the corner to look for a coffee shop then i saw this. Bord Gáis Energy Theater which situated near the Grand Canal Dock.
I bought a cup of Cappucinno and sat on a bench while enjoying this view of The Grand Canal Dock. Lovely right? 
And also around the corner, there is this. Do you know what this is? It was U2 former recording studio!!! there are lots of graffiti of U2 fans around the world who came all the way here to show their support. And there are walls around the area which now has become one of the tourist attraction that are full of writtings and pretty drawings of U2.
I'm not a U2 fan so this does not meant much for me but i guess if you do this will made you feel that you need to come. Do tell me if you feel that way ok. hehe. Oh from what i heard, they say they are building U2 tower behind the walls. That's a great news for all U2 fans out there isn't it? So do come here before they tore down this wall, who knows your writting will become a part of U2 museum in next 50 years.hoho..

After the morning stroll, I went back to the city and join the walking tour which included in the price of the HOHO ticket. Walking tour is a great way to experience a city you visit because there are some places are not reachable by any means of transportation and walking can show you a different perspective of things. 

They are few places the walking tour covers but I will only share few which I really find interesting.
This is taken in a bar which was once a church. Weird? well not to them. 
this is only reachable by foot and this is situated in Temple Bar. Cool area with food stalls and actor's studios. Definitely worth a visit.
Then we went to Dublin Castle, oh yeah that's the tour guide. ( the one wearing cap). He definitely know the Irish history by heart. Amazing! 
Then the tour guide brought us to The Trinity College which is such a great place to visit. When we arrived at the area, there were lots of people queuing to get in the Library and to visit the Book of Kells. Since they charge some entrance fee for that, I decided to skip the Library and the book. Sorry bout that. hehe. But I'm sure it does worth a visit.  Plus, the library is also a film location for Harry Porter, you know the Hogwart library. It's here!!! So do get in the library and please do share the picture with me later ok. 

oh yeah..talking bout filming, there are also these people filming for some video clips i guess. but i can't recognize the artist. haha sorry. 
My trip in Dublin ended well, with not much difficulties I did manage to end my first solo trip destination safely. I went to wait at the airport around 8pm just because I don't really want to travel around when it is dark. My flight the next morning is at 6.15am and staying at the airport means I can save the hostel money for anything else. Good idea eh? hehe. 

In short, I think Dublin is a great city to visit. But if you are planning to visit, bear the fact that they do love to stare at us. It is either they stare at me because I am just too cute, or just because I look like a lost kid, or just because they love to stare. haha. but that is the fact. Oh and the weather is quite cold. If you think Malaysian rainy season is cold, just bring and wear those thermal undergarment that you bought at Universal Traveller. You need it. Yes! even if you come here during summer. hahaha. Oh and it always rain here too. So be prepared. Umbrella won't dont the trick, bring waterproof jacket. That's definitely going to help. A lot! Trust me.


Expenses: Coffee €3 + €1.05 to print the boarding pass for the next destination. 
Nope. No eating out since I still have my Day 1 bread and serunding. hehe. 

Peace and out~

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