Saturday, August 9, 2014

Budget tour Scotland


I am thinking of starting another blog for my very own 'Budget Travel Guide' for Scotland. As I always spend time searching for the best, cheapest and nicest places to visit in Scotland. Just a thought 

First episode.


If you are like me, motion sickness freak, you probably would prefer train just like me. 
It costed £12.60 for non rail-card holder. Around £9 for rail-card holder. There's few options for the route. I prefer lesser stop trains as if will usually take around 1 hour to get from Glasgow to Edinburgh. 

There is seriously a lot of things you can see in Edinburgh. If you are looking for 'budget travel' like me. Bring your own food. And let's look for the free places to visit. 

We are lucky today as Edinburgh is having one month Fringe Carnival. So it is  arts everywhere. On the streets, in studios and even ones with entree fees. So today we are focusing on the free stuff (as always) 
This is on the Royal Mile. Great!! 
Epic crowd! Love it! 
I always love the building here 
This is not something we can see everyday. I think.. Haha . Oh and this carnival will last until 23 August 2014 
Victoria Street which turn out to be the real Diagon Alley of Harry Potter. Come and see this if you claim yourself to be Harry Potter's fan 
I was hoping they would say this is Knockturn Alley 😁 

I got a balloon!! Yey! 
So much of Harry Potter spirit. You need to come and try the coffee JK Rowling sip when she was writting the books. 😁
The inside of The Elephant House. Try to come here off peak as there are lines of people to get in. 
Happy us with our coffee. Small Cappucino cost me £2.25 
Cappucino at The Elephant House. Taste ok for a £2.25 for a cup. Great atmosphere. No wonder she chose this cafe for the ideas 😁👍
Nice right? 
One thing that amaze me was the toilet. All those message was for either Harry Potter or for JK Rowling herself. Great effects now that everyone came just to write on the walls, on the ceiling and even on the toilet seats 😱 
The next stop is Edinburgh University. Right in the city. 
And for the sake of being here on a Fringe Carnival day, we went to see one of the show. It was a mesh up of Harry Potter and Peter Pan and it was great!! And again it is free. Haha 
Edinburgh Central Mosque 
After the visit, we came to this park for lunch. The Meadow. Great place to bring your kids to play for a while. 
Happy tummy happy us. 
The journey continues. The Underbelly. Looks cute isn't it? Haha 
The entrance for Edinburgh Tattoo Show at Edinburgh Castle. 
The seating area. We did not wait for te show as the ticket is quite pricey and it starts at 9pm. 
Oh yes. Great way to spend hot sunny summer day. Ice cream. Not any ordinary ice cream. This is Mackie's Scotland Luxury Dairy Ice Cream. Great taste for just £2.30 
Edinburgh Castle and the crowd
Almost 5pm, we waited in front of the Bobby Statue to join the Harry Potter trail walking tour. 
This is Gemma. She is a superb Harry Potter Guide! She knows everything!! Love her to the max!! The tour took 90 minutes. A great way to spend your minutes as Potter's fangirl 😁
Professor McGonagall got her name from this poet 
Me in Sorting Hat
Omg! Tom Riddle got his name from here!! Wonder will he be proud for that?
Hogwart!! Even with all the 4 houses. Blimey!! 😱😁

Other than The Elephant House, the is one of the first cafe JK Rowling spend time to finish her books. 
Read for yourself
Interior of the Spoon

Where Diagon Alley got the shape from. 
Thanks Gemma for the tour!! You are great!! 
Edinburgh University
The ground
Always love old buildings
Calton Hill from far
Princes Street 
Picnic in Princes Park 
Great view from the park.
The Edinburgh Station where the journer ended for today. 

So, that's it for today.

Peace and out.

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