Sunday, August 10, 2014

A day at the UNESCO site in Scotland.


Today's activities is visiting Scotland latest UNESCO heritage site, New Lanark World Heritage Site. 
Return ticket from Glasgow Central is £7.50 which took around an hour. Arrived at Lanark Station, you can choose either to take £1.45 for a 10min bus or just take a walk and enjoy the scenery of the town for less than 30min. 
Crazy us waiting for the train at Glasgow Central. 
I always find church buildings in Scotland interesting and have the touch of ancient. Not sure of the correct architectural term.. But oh well, i'm an engineering student. What do you expect. Haha. 
There's a retail park near the Lanark station. This picture is taken on our way to the site. Nice view right? 😁
Another building that catch my attention. Abandon school. 
I would love to live here. Who wont love this view? 
Almost there..
We're here!! Yey!!! 
Love the foresty look! Keep calling for Jacob and Edward.. But no one reply 😭
Tadaaaa. This is New Lanark World Heritage Village. Pheww. We made it safe and sound. 
Can't stop taking pictures
There's a sign saying this way to the school. Who want to go all the way up there? Haha not me. Well.. Not this time. 😁
Oh yaa.. Here's the bus if you are lazy to walk all the way from the train station. But be warned, most of the passagers are elders. Shame on you! 😅 
Nice archy tree
The hotel. If you are thinking of spending the night here.
There's a garden on top of the roof. We forgot to go there 😭
The water from the river that will get thru the mill.
River Clyde at the Heritage site.
There's a path you should take to see the Falls of Clyde. Here are some of interesting view along the trail. Took around 1 hour. 
Love this! 
Can you see the humble river?
Almost there...
Tadaaaaa. We spend almost 45 min while having some noodle we brought for breakfast. Haha lovely view? Of course it is!!! 
Another view of the Falls of Clyde.
Some interesting bench we found there. 
Another part of the river before we headed back. 
Love the cliff. Just be careful. 
One more picture of the river.
Love the sun rays 
Yey! We arrived back at the visitor centre. 
This is the old water turbine they used before. 
The water mill
Caramel Flan with Lanark very own ice cream. £4.10. Taste ok. 
Before we headed back to the train station, we stop for a while at the town. 
Lanark town
Lanark Train Station
St Mary Church. Nice architecture. Right in front of the train station. 

And that's all what we did today. 
Oh. We rest for another hour at George Square. Hahaha 
I will always remember Glasgow 

Peace and out 

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