Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Glasgow World Pipe Band Championship


Monday is the starting day for another big event in Glasgow. It's the Glasgow World Pipe Band Championships! Yeheyy! I am really lucky to be here this year. It was the Commonwealth last month and now it's the piping championships. So i have decided not to miss this. The main event will take place this Saturday 16 August 2014. I just can't wait. Hehe. 

Just bought the ticket the main event which cost me as a student £8 for a 2 days pass. Yipee. Can't wait can't wait!! So everyday in this week sound of bagpipes can be heard everywhere in the city. Which is too me very pleasant and made me somehow felt like home. 😁
Took this on Monday in front of Buchanan Galleries. This is a team from Canada. Wow. I thought only Scottish people play this. Silly me 😁
They marched along the Buchanan Street and somehow we followed them. Haha 
They stop here to do another performance before they marched till Candleriggs.
Yes. We did follow them till Candleriggs 😁
So that's it for today. Been quite buzy with life. Can't wait for this weekend for the Championship! Stay tune! 

Peace and out 

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