Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eurotrip August 20 days 10 countries


Like the title? nope? well i do! Actually at this very moment, I am already on my 7th day. I tried to post earlier but somehow the post crashed. sigh. so here it is again. This is just for my save keeping of my own ultimate adventure just in case I forgot what I did (me and my short term memory lost) hehe. And also to everyone out there who are curious bout my trip. There's nothing special about my trip, just me, myself and I doing a backpacking trip alone for the first time ever!! hehe. oh ya..mind my entries all the pictures wont be properly align as I will be posting from tab and phone. Sorry in advance 😁.  If I wait till i get to my PC I might forget the details. ( and my short term memory lost) 😘

The original plan is as below:
fancy eh? not much..there are lots of people I met along the way that did much much greater plan which amaze me to the max. How on earth they did a 3 years adventure plan? As you go? planned ahead? well i know mine is pretty much do as my heart desire. hehe

So let's start with the details. I will do the post by day as I think blogspot can't take all my pictures in one entry( or they just cant take me brag bout my trip haha..sorry dudes)

Day 1: Glasgow - Dublin

As you know (if you been following my entry since forever) I just finished my study in Glasgow, Strathclyde University for a year programme. So, that's explain the starting point.

From Glasgow, you can take either bus or train to the airport. Since my ticket to Dublin is by Ryanair so I am taking it from Preswick Airport, Glasgow. The train fare is £3.80 if you show your boarding pass when you buy the train ticket at the counter. If you buy the ticket online or from the machine it will cost you double, so choose which one you prefer. 😁

Oh yes, the flight ticket cost me £15 and I booked it around a month early thanks to all the price alert by skyscanner. My flight was at 6.45am but the first train from Glasgow Central is at 6am so there is no other choice, I spent the whole night at the airport as I took the last train at 12.05am from Glasgow Central Station. Thanks to Tasnim and Kak Ayu for sending me off. Well it is kinda sad since it will be my last time on Glaswegian soil. for now. 😁 So till we meet again Glasgow. 

The flight touch down at Dublin Airport Terminal 1 at 7.40am. As I already bought a 3-days freedom pass earlier online which cost €30 and it includes return trips to Dublin City Centre. Arrived at the city centre around 8.30am and I need to wait for the Hop-on-hop-off (HOHO bus for short in later entries) so I grab this chance to have brunch. Thank God this place do serve early lunch menu. 
My usual coffee.
Nyummeh! I even wrap some for dinner. haha see how saving I am on holiday. This lot cost €10.

Then I took the bus around 3 trips before I checked in the hostel and leave my stuff there before I continue my journey. I stayed at a female only dorm with 8 beds for €16 include breakfast. found it on called Abraham House. Nice hostel, very eazy to find. If you took the Airlink Bus, you can stop around 20meter from the hostel. 

Total expenses for day 1 = £18.80 + €41 

The sight seeing details will come in later entry. I will let you rest for awhile before you get too excited hahaha. Because I think i need my beauty sleep now. Nite2..

Peace and out~

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