Monday, July 7, 2014

Misi kurus??


Happy 9th Ramadan to all. Since it's fasting month, I have not did much of #azy_jjcm but more of #azymainmasakmasak because this is the month that usually we get to see various types of food at bazaar Ramadan. How I miss Malaysia right now. How I miss having Iftar with friends. How I miss buka puasa at home with mama and abah. How I miss buka puasa at Dataran Merdeka. How I miss the crowd and the 'meriah'ness of tarawikh. So much.. That's why I have decided to go home this September not January as planned earlier. Being away from my country my home is somehow form a hole in my heart. I love it here in Scotland but my heart my tummy my everything is still Malaysian. How hot Malaysia is how humid the weather is. How stupid the thing is there.. It is still my country. 

That's what being away can teach you to appreciate your country to a different level. 

Ok so here some of the things i did this week. Haha. Fifi my adik ucuk said since it is almost time for us to start packing home. We need to take as much pictures  for the memories. So here it is 😄

The Tower Clock. I always love the cloud and sky here. The colour is somewhat different from what we have back home. Emm or is it just my eyes? Haha
This is my home-made-from-scratch murtabak! Hohoho. This is my must-have during iftar. So I googled the recipe and tried. Success! Haha 

The picture we took for 'Salam Perantau' haha hope to see this in newspaper one day 

That one fine day which i took my strolling to the next level. To Ayr, one hoir train journey from Glasgow Central. Lovely town right by the beach. 
I always love the clock tower here. This is Ayr Town Council building. 
Bridge is another architectural theme that I love to snap. The bright red bricks always catch my attention. Thinking of having this element to my own house one day 😎
Fort ruin. Ayr made this 'Mile Walk' from the fort ruin along the beach. Gosh I really like this town! For the beach! 😄😘 
Cromwell's Citadel 
The first sight of the beach at the 'Mile Walk'

Oh here's the mark. It's actually 'The Lang Scots Mile' haha. So ok I'll shorten it as 'The Mile' ok? Haha 
Tiny lighthouse at the start of the 'mile'. Love how the dog keep to herself while her owner is fishing. Cute. 
Nice work of nature. Seaweed on a stone. Found it by the beach. 
Town Council 
Look at the birds! They actually stayed airbourne because the wind is too strong and they struggling to passed through it. Facinating. 

We walked the extra mile to see the castle ruin and we saw these swans (I dont know if you can see them in this picture) but there's tens of them at the sea. My first time saw swans at sea. I'm amazed. Haha 
The idea of naming a bridge as 'Millennium' been a trend here i guess 

The beach!! 😎
Looks like paddy right? 
This castle ruin is much more interesting from the beach. But since it was raining that day, we did not go to the beach for the picture. 😭 
The actual view with bare eyes was much impressive!!! Sorry 😎
Cute light pole. Haha 
Time to go home. Ayr train station 
The train ticket. So that i can tell people when they ask how much it is to get to Ayr. Hahaha 
Oh hello seagull! 
Ayam percik made by me. Potluck day at my home. Clockwise: mix vege, ayam percik, mozarella stick and golden ball.

Agar-agar merah 
Darth Vader!!! Hohoho teng-teng teng tenterengtenterengg *star wars anthem hahahaha 
Made kuih sagu just because i need this hahaha
Menu clock-wise: date, sagu, bege malaysia , sambal ikan bilis , telur dadar , ayam kurma and bihun goreng. 
My favorite element in Scotland: wind turbine 
Yeaterday's iftar menu clockwise: nasi tomato, samosa , popia, buah melaka, melon, sambal tempoyak, acar timun and ayam masak merah. 

Oh ya and this sagu too. 

*footnote: Not all dishes made by me. It's all about team work 

Peace and out~

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