Thursday, July 15, 2010

no internet = no life?

salam~ has been very long since i last blog..sad..i am still waiting for those streamyx guys to install streamyx at my home in alor star so then mama can give me the for the time being..i need to wait for ita's or lyza's..huhu..and since waiting is painful..i am eventually lost interest in internet..erk..yea now..i am on the net.yippy!! ^_^ i am alive again..thank God!

so today..i have only 2 10am and later at 4pm. so here i am back at home.. supposedly i should be with the books and my commsys notes.but but..hehehe~

ok2..i am trying to get to the old me back..but with a bit modification..i hope..since i did my practical..i think i am  a bit more talkative..but back in uniten..i am being the old me again..and i kinda felt what went wrong with the picture? maybe i am loosing those confidence..really? hm..then i should study then the confidence come back..or should i be more friendly? gosh..i think i am friendly enough..i think my face look naturally friendly enough for anyone to approach..but still people look at me like i'm going to eat them..gosh! i really gonna eat u if u look at me like that again!! oh2..happy news..there is a deutsche in my class...everyone is talking about him..mostly the talks is about.why on earth would a deutsche come to uniten to study? haha...then they say..oh..he come here just as an exchange he's class mostly same with me!!! yey! haha..i am recollecting my confidence bit by bit to approach him..but but..i'm toooo shy la..gosh~

new sem is week 2 already..and classes wasnt so bad..just that my timetable is pretty much a mess..and during gaps i feel like going back home and i used to do when i stayed at the hostel before..huhu..but yesterday was a success! i managed to stay from 10am till 6pm..hoho..and the amazement is  i study! haha..and it is week 2! haha..u not amazed? u should..because i am! haha~

ok..negative stuffs..i email M*** just ask about my loan..and they say that they are not giving me the book allowance because my loan is just for a 4 years program...what make me mad wasnt really my fault..the agreement should have include my foundation year..but they did some mistakes with it and i am suffering now..huhu

: heart breaking :

what can i do? go to the office and give them the renew letter..did they expect me to finish my degree and foundation in 4 years? i'm doing engineering not IT..huhu..kejam~ negative statement: i think my skill of saying words badly is increasing tremendously! and i dont like it..what? oh..i really mean saying words badly..not saying bad words..hehe because my vocabulary of bad words is pretty much as low as a baby..hehe..baget la ko! yes i know..kikiki..oh2..the story..since i did my internship till now..i am kidnapping my brother's car for a while..i think maybe till now..till then i will drive to class..and the problem is not the drive..but the people i met during the drive..gosh! i am not sure why everyone was doing whatever they did..not using the car's signal when they are actually not accessory..they were meant to be used ok! used it when u are changing course! so that others wont swear at u..minus all the sins the other guy will make when they swear at u..because then..the wife will scold the husband for swearing in front of the kids..or the husband will scold the pregnant wife for swearing..and it is bad for the baby u know..ok schuzyy off topic! hehe..ok2..back to happy mood~

hmm..adib my niece can talk better now..he's 2 now..his favorite word is AYAM..haha..funny..most memorable one out of that cute bubbly mouth was..AYAM BECAWAN..haha..tah pape tah adib nih..adib2...cepat la boley cakap..stop all those crying..u big boy now..ucu love u more if u can speak properly..because ucu is not capable of understanding baby talk..and ucu tend to be impatient when u are telling but the message is not receivable..hehe.. oh2..adib can call be UCU now..but without the U..only heard CU maybe i am his cucu..kikiki~

ok..story bout my new house.. still no furniture.. only basic ones..carpet in the front of the tv..and i am deciding to put my small green study table in front of the tv so that i wont day sleep much..yes day sleep..not day nap..because the my nap usually last for more than an it is not a nap..hehe~

ok2..i need t check on my emails now..more than 300 in 2 days..gosh~

enough for now..

till we meet again..when ita or lyza not using their broadband..huhu~

or..anyone want to donate their broadband to me for a while? please please please~


peace n out ^_^

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