Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yey! internet~


yey! the chance to kidnap ita's internet for a while. waiting for her to go to dentist tooth hurts..and there's a possibility of skipping class again later..kuang2..nope2..hope not..because this morning..i was almost skip control..but since i think control is hard..and i kinda enjoy the i managed to go to class today..yippee!! hehe..then the dentist trip is postpone till later at's wait together ok ;p

ikhlas..what is ikhlas a good thing when we do something and we like it..i am always trying to be ikhlas all my life..but when i think someone is using my kindness (baik ke?) for their own benefit without thinking about others..thats just too much..but being me..i hate to say no..and i also hate it when others make their face before me ( buat muka tempeyek la senang cite) we help them then what we received back is a sarcastic thanks..haha..lucky u i was emotionless yesterday..or else u might be getting something being me..will end up me skipping class just to avoid seeing ur face..darn! i hate that..especially when i love those subject..em..comsys is hard..but i am trying to love it now..gosh the text book is super thick! then EIS..huhu..i like that infos on how we should life the life after graduate as an engineer..gosh..i really cant wait to graduate! being an engineer..getting IR in front of my name..getting super-challenging projects..all the respects..all the experiences all the ka-ching..hohoho~ ok2..back to the topic..i love all my friends..i know i have big month..but please please..i am a human being that can only release the stress by voicing it out..huhu..i know some might say that i am bad by telling people what they did to me..and how i am affected by it..but this is how i manage my stress..if not..i might blow up! and u wont like me that way..huhu..i am sorry..please accept me the way i am..please please pretty pretty please ^_^

so it's already week 3..still missing all those faces at MAS..gosh i do still miss them..last sunday was a makan2 event at KLIA..and i and fiza were invited! yey! thank God they still remember us..and thanks for inviting us en jamal!!! luv u miss u! it was a durian-rambutan-manggis-langsat good to have so much durians around..hoho..but my tummy is being weird these days..i can only eat 5 ulas of durian and few others..then i stopped..i think fiza too ate few rambutan only as she don eat durian..kesian fiza..i am really being a big kakak..forcing her to come with me to meet them..and attend durian fest..but i do know she dont like durian..sorry darling..and thanks again for meeting me again there..miss u so much! and oh..gud luck with ehem2..and ur project ^_^ we met, en azmi,k zana, abg jenal, en usop, en azhar, abg mokhtar, abg fahmi, abg atta, and their families..oh and en shahar..hehe..but there's no abg zaflee, abg megat and abg kinda sad..kan fiza..huhu..the event started at 11am end at 1pm i think..then we headed back home...and i headed back to bangi..and my day didnt stop there..went to IKEA with him..and had meatballs and the DAIM's cake..hmm..i still wonder what so good about it that make everyone sooo into it..i remember kak na and few others who love those 2 soo much..oh..dear..thanks for spending time with has been very long since we last hang out rite..oh2..and sorry for all those texting and calls..hehe ^_^

hmm..since i rarely got the chance to blog these entries will be longer..haha..and the topics can be vary i always say..this is MY blog..dont like it..feel free not to read it..go on read it..somehow..i feel lot more better when someone tell me that they read my blog..if not so when they ask me something that i only say in my blog..haha..deep inside my heart..u did made a mark..thanks for reading my thoughts..even most of the times..i just merepek..kikiki..luv u miss u! ^_^

ok..lets talk about my class..i am taking 6 classes..with 15 credit hours..list: with hardest top; dsp, commsys, lab comsys, power sys 2, control and eis..the hardnest is graded according to seniors till this week 3..class that i love most is control..but not the tutorial..because i got heart attact easily in the class..i really cant stand lecturer calling my name..even if i know what to answer..if my name called..i will be blank! and thats bad..and that will lead to tendency of skipping class..omg! haha..then at #2 dsp..i love the lecturer..foreigner..but he is full attention to upset when nobody asking questions..hehe..funny..then at #3 power system the knowledge..but havent work on the calculation much yet..hoho..then at #4 eis..same like ps2..i love eis because i love the infos..eager to be an engineer..hoho..then at #5 communication system..huhu..i like this class..but the speed of the teaching..and the journey to the COIT is unbearable..semput!..but i am trying to love the subject..insyaallah..and #6 lab..huhu..i dislike lab because..everyone seem to get answers from the seniors but me..huhu..sad! hate it hate it hate it!

ok schuzyy enough for now..

again..thanks for reading..hope u wont get bored with me..please ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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