Wednesday, July 28, 2010

study la study~


WARNING : this is quite a long post..don't read it if you don't want..but please do..pretty pretty please..hehe~

my head is starting to get 'serabot' more and more..with the commsys super-fast class and everyone was telling everyone to be faster sarcastically..huhu..i am waiting for mara to give my book's allowance so that i can buy the text book..huhu..why la everyone say the text book is not important..because i think i should be..or maybe they were very good in the subject.unlike me..wuwuuu.. not fair! ok schuzyy study la pe lg! week..i'll be having control and commsys quizzes..but still i feel like i need a fun weekend..away from books..haha..lazy schuzyy! but like they say..all study and no play make schuzyy a dull girl..haha~ many movie came out..and i havent got the chance to watch them! decpicable me, eclipse, inception..huhu..schuzyy! study! dont want~

yesterday..i was lepakking with a friend..she was talking bout her bf..and fyi..i am a person who love to listen to people's happy love stories..even if it was about a fight..i wont mind listening because that is a way for me to this few days back..i felt kinda weird because..few of my friends was keep on offering me their friends..haha..that's is funny..i like that pretty much..but..i think..i have someone in mind they's all about time and trust~ ^_^

ok..another topic..hehe..recently..i discover one new hobby..which is..laughing at other's people..haha..and also my that's practically made me a happy i think this is better for me and my more negative stuff..yeay! and i hope i can continue on like this forever..but..hmm..they say..too much laughing is not good..aa..whatever la...

oh2..share time! now..i love to blogwalking..some blogs were introduced by shida and ita..oh..just two..hoho..its ok..thanks for sharing your favorite blogs with me girls! ^_^ oh here are 3 of my favorite blogs!
 - this actually is my most favorite post ever!! I love u Alot! hehe..what's alot? read on! and this will make you and more..extra careful with English grammar..hehe..good things eh ;p
-how i wish i can write as funny and as good as her imagination! wow..just wow! love her! ;p
-this one is about cakes cakes and cakes! hoho..and i is super funny! trust me! love this..but try to avoid reading this blog when you are hungry..hehe..not good ;p

ok..another one was a personal blog that now is only accessible to those invited..and i'm not kahuna! please please include me in your list..huhu..i like your blog sooo my laughing materials short one..huhu~

and also..few of my friends blog's..idalia's,shida's,diza's,aceed's,nurul's and many more..gosh..never knew i read so much blogs..haha..thanks anyone for sharing everything you are sharing in your it..i love reading your blog because it make me think i am part of your life..chewah ;p

thanks so much! ^_^ some caption i been keeping for fb's status..but no wanting to share too much on the net..haha..learning from mistake *wink2*

my heart is super-fragile now~

not knowing is not good~

i am feeling less interested in internet..and i think that is sooo not it? ;p

eating is a sport~

kenyang itu satu penyeksaan..wuwuu~

ok..that's all for now..

p/s: i still miss those happy time while doing my internship..thanks so much to them for still remembering to fb and call..miss them so much! ^_^

another p/s: notice my 'you' and 'I' hehe..the full and correct version of u and i..hoho..I am trying very hard to make this a habit few months time..I am starting to write thousands of word of serious stuff..for the FINAL PROJECT..chewah..very the 'semangat' I tell you..hoho..oh..thanks dear for telling me few years back that you can's read my blog because it was full of language junks..i mean i used to mix bm-eng and few weird short forms..and plus..thanks to MAS's stuff for making me used full words in fb..hehe..what i need to do more trying to learn how to write in Malay is way more easier to write formally in English than wonder i got A2 for BM..hehe~

one last p/s hehe: sorry for being so perasan like i have so many readers..hehe..i am so full of my self at the not me..hehehehe~'s almost time..ita is coming back from class..and i need to hand over her lappie..wuwuuu~

peace and out ^_^

till we meet again~

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