Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Ramadan to all!


It's second of Ramadan here. But fasting is not a reason to be lazy. So the planning for trips still continues. Hehe. This month perhaps i'm going for usland hopping! Yey! Still planning for the best option for travelling and accomodation. 

Oh i need to write about fasting month here in Glasgow. Yesterday and these few days coming, we are fasting for 20.5 hours because the Fajr is at 2.30am and the break fast is around 10.30pm. Sounds long but luckily my body was trained to adapt with the surrounding. Meaning i know it is time to break fast only after it is dark. So it don't have much different. I do miss bazaar ramadan because usually during fasting month i have to have murtabak. A Malaysian delicacies. So this year, if i want it i need ti make it my own. So let's search for the recipe! Haha 

Brinda's indian food party. This took place last week when her mom and aunt were here. She's from Bangalore so this is the real indian food! Hoho i love this so much! Thanks again Brinda. 

My buddy Fara, already went back to Malaysia for good. So we had this farewell at The Willow Tea Room at Sauchiehall Street. 
And here's everybody at the farewell. All the best fara! We'll meet again soon! Hehe

That day i was strolling in the city. Strolling? Haha and we found 'hari raya' cards in Paperchase! Wehooo! So much of hari raya feel! 
Mini monopoly Fifi bought at one of the antique store. Se how small it is compared to the remote control. So small we are playing this laying on our tummy so that we can see what was written on the board. Haha but it is great fun to kill time. 
See. This is what 11.30pm looks like yesterday. 
Just some strolling picture of me and kak ayu on George Square. With the Glasgow Commonwealth Games logo and Glasgow Citu Council at the background.
And here! Bubble tea!! I love this! If uou know me good enough you would know i love bubble tea! Haha and i'm really glad we have this here in Glasgow. But thr best is still by Chatime. 
Since i got here, i really love making dessert. This time i tried combining agar2 with nutella cheese cake! I love this! Haha 
Haha and here's my first ever Karipap. Ugly but delicious! 

So that's all that happened sincey last post. Hope you enjoy reading my 'nothing' blog hehe

Peace and out~

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