Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ahahaha i'm so happy i can post this from my phone!! 😄


Wow! This is my second entry since i got here. Oh well, what goes up must comes down. My true gold coming here was wrong ever since i know i'll be flying here. So the 'real' gold was put aside since the first day. I know this will hurt me more later on. But i will try my best to make my time here are filled with the best memories.

So starting today, i will again post daily of what i did here in Scotland. 😄 

And also my travelogue 😎
For anyone who has been to my flat in Glasgow, this is the view from my room. I love every bit of it. Except the fact that in summer, the morning will shine right thru the windows as early as 4am 😭 

Me and my best buddies here in Glasgow going for strolling every evening to get the best bits of Glasgow. Bits that only locals knows. Cewah. Haha. Well we are still trying hard to experience the life of Glaswegian. 
The Dome in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The picture came out super cool. The real this image if you come and look for yourself is somewhat different. It is actually a glass dome but the rest of the image alongside was the reflection. Which made the picture super awesome! 👍👏 well for me it is. Haha
Stairs in the other lobby in GlasgowRoyal  Infirmary. 
The kids in the hallway. Glasgow Royal Infirmary
Hillhead Subway station 
Best thing that i will always remember about Glasgow and 'ngopi' and strolling time! 😘

Summer in Glasgow does feel like Malaysia. So far, highest was 25c haha see just like in Malaysia 
The Hanoi Bike Shop, West End,Glasgow. This remind me much of Ho Chi Min. Love the Pho!! Nyummeh! 

Life of students. These shared with 4. Haha

Antique store nearby 

How i wish i have those record player.

Locks in Maryhill. The construction is a great idea for a slow flow river. Malaysia have lots of river that we can do this with.
 This bridge was once a built for trains but now the river flow on it. Crossing the Forth and Clyde River. Architectural wonder! 

Maryhill Train Station
Glasgow George Square
Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow
Buchanan Street,Glasgow

Buchanan Galleries, one spot that most people do their shopping but me? I do my people observing here. Haha

Clyde river with BBC Scotland Glasgow Science Centre and Bell's Bridge in the background. 
Rangers FC

The Rangers FC stadium which will also host few events for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
 Just the side view 😄 

Sometimes the not so artsy can appear most interesting. 

The last three pictures were taken at Ibrox, Glasgow, Scotland.

Ok that's what i did the last 7 days. Now, i'm down with fever. Again. Rest for a bi. 

Thanks for reading! 

Peace and out~

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