Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mending heart


Yesterday was partial bad and partial great. But life must go on. Right ey?

Since everyone went to Livingston for summer sale, i decided to take 'me time'.  After done with meetings, i wander around Glasgow city, first planning to find a spot under a tree near Clyde river. But when i reached St Enoch, i saw a bus. Tried to board the bus and i wanted to buy day pass. But i forgot they wont give back change and i don't have enough change. So i continue my walks. Then i reach Glasgow Central Station
Still not sure what i want to do. So i stepped inside. And aim for the promo tickets or anything such. Then i say the SPT Roundabout ticket which you can but £6.30 ticket and there's more than 100 stops you can reach. Unlimited. For a day. Haha i was happy. 

My first stop was Neilston. Small town with population of 5000. I googled the town and they say the church was build in the 2nd century. So i went to check it out. 
The tower and the graves did look ancient. 
One of the art they put along the walkside. 
Great hill view
This is Newton station. I stop here for transit to go to my next stop. From the bridge i can see Newton as a small village. 

This is my second stop, Motherwell. It was the day the Commonwealth baton passed this town. But i think i missed it. 
North Lanark Heritage Center. Stop here for the view from the tower. 
Here's the view from the tower 
Tjus is the town center. Small town but much to see. Quite near to Glasgow. Placed one park named Strathclyde Park and home for Motherwell FC. 
Third stop, Milngavie (pronounce as mill-guy) nice town. Some how this town felt cooler than Glasgow. 
You can take the West Highland Way route from here up to Fort William. I'm not sure how long I'm going to take if I try. Haha 
Fish ladder for salmon. 
I planned to go to Dumbarton as my next stop but there was a technical problem with the lines and all train was cancelled. And i was stuck in Westerton for almost 2 hours. After the station master told us there is no trains on the way to the station for God knows how long. I headed to the bus stop for the city as i started to feel hungry and tired to wait any longer. 
Heading to the bus stop
I reached Glasgow around 9pm finding this. Ahaha love the idea! So wait for my next journey with bikes. Yey! 

Peace and out~

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