Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sad but happy ^_^


not much(well i always say this isnt it? ;p) ok2..haha

result out today..wasnt dean list..but i am quite happy cos i thought i would flunk emf n emd..alhamdullilah i got b..well better that c rite..alhamdullilah too cos no c this time..n cgpa up 0.02..haish..well..better than going down rite? :D so i thank Allah for that..that was a miracle! :D

so diet still going on..yesterday i slept quite last so the morning i can hardly focus doing i straight go for bed rite after jdm5 is left forgottern..guess what..i was hungry the whole day! so it is true..the jus is making us not feeling i promise myself not to skip 1 those scolding i got from mama..haha..uish..pedas2 ;p

so last 2 nasi for lunch..dah la sedap2..haish..godaan2..breakfast anlene lunch kenduri night omg..i had maggi..share half with nasi n ikan pindang..nyum2..n dinner pulut udang wa bg..n 1 piece cookies i baked! fresh from oven :D oh..and lots of water! :D

so i hope gud news for me tomorrow on the scale :D

oh..i read k einaz blog..she eat in 2 hours gap..hoho..i know bout that..but its hard to make it how? and the workout boday aching like i cuti last nite..tonite? em em..haha..not sure yet..eyes wide awake..mayb will do some..15min can a? hehe~ sem..i will be taking 6 subject..huhu..hopefuly can cope..power syg, power e, micro p, techcom, lab emd and cr..quite scary to look at..but need to speed up..i dont think i can do 15 during final year..go go azy!! u can do it!! :D

okies..peace n out ^_^

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