Sunday, November 22, 2009

fuh fuh fuh~


hehe..gud news! i got new hobby( really?) activity to do now..bought workout dvd of Jillian Michaels from kak einaz..gosh..trying it out tonight..and it is exhausting!!! really! try the 1st level for 28 mins..then take a break iming with shida..then the internet went out and i spend the time watching the rest of the other levels..and the kickboxing caught my attention! really! no mat no dumbell no nothing..just plain i try that one..and i only can do till the 11th min then i surrender..skip to the cooling down..gosh..28+11...39 min is too much..gosh...sweating like mad..but stated to feel something and i know its good! really..thanx so much kak einaz! so after chating with shida..i sumhow lost the shyness of the weight..haha..but not revealing it here..but the ticker i put on the left is sumhow what i am much..i started on sunday (15112009) so after a week i lost 1.5 kg..well..not much..but at least i did lost a kilogram ok! proud of myself..lest eating for sure..i am having much faith this time..with some extra help of jdm5...hoho..and with shida being the it! it goes! my new mission! so we are trying for our first target..(kite je yg tau shida..don worry! :D) so here it goes! good luck girl!! :D

ok..what i had today: nasi,2 squids, ikan bakar for brunch and char kewteaw for evening and 2 biscuit and tea for dinner..haha~

still disappointed about that nasi grg cina i ate last thursday..huhuhu~

ok..result might come out this praying hard..ameen!

bought a planner at popular for next i hope next year will be much better that this year n previous..insyaallah~

that's all

peace n out ^_^

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