Saturday, November 21, 2009

FRAGILE :this body contains heart:


as my friend said it on i'm going to be a bit jiwang or more like full of emotion..such a bad day for me..woke up early..and felt not so much raining outside..cold and all..everything was so-so..then i read that paerticular 'thing' then it made me felt so down~ am i that worthless..who am i to u? what am i here for? i really dont understand guys..they can share things but when it come to problems..they just keep it to themself..just remember..eventhough females are masters of making thing worst but we are superb when it come to listening..we can adapt to emotion perfectly..thats why we are the mothers not the males..ok..the point is..please share ur problems..its hard enough to know and see u sad..we dont ask doesnt mean we dont want to know..keeping it to urself just making an impression of mighty ego in the head and u not loving and appreciating us females as a friend, buddy, girlfriend or even wive..its true u know..problems do get lighter even when u talk about it to sumone~

avoiding xplosion

peace n out ^_^

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