Monday, November 16, 2009

cuti cuti cuti~


its holiday again! yey! there so many things to do yet i havent start with anything..hehe~

so daily schedule is almost the same for entire 3 weeks i supposed..hoho..morning wake up..afternoon cook..evening either stay at home watching tv or out jln2 cari pasal..night..dinner and tv or out..after 12am its kebun time!! hooho~

there's so much in my head..but its all about that 1 thing.. mama asked bout it too..but i just refuse to say alya's blog..its the same thing..huhu..but lucky its still between me n mama..n i know..mama too think i dont seem to be ready for any of those..i'm still her baby girl..but what acha said in the paper today do make some sense..i do need what she say she needed all this while..what can i do..just wait till the time comes~

hmm..seems that my writting is getting less open..not sure why...i think i was being too open in here..omg! i hate this ym..a friend of mine got those virus that make her window open every now n then..i was waiting for that someone whom i know the name wont appear tonight..haish..why am i have this feeling..i hate this..i need him more when he need me less..thats just s****!! seems like i'm the one who doing the chase wright now..bad news..he dont even care~

oh..another bad news i heard recently was about zira..she was in german's hospital now for having infection..not sure what it called..but what for sure is that she was being put to sleep to let her body rest. and i think she was conscience now but she's still in icu..i wanted to call her mom but not sure what to say..not good at consoling n comforting..huhu..hope everything fine with her n her family..lets just pray for our dearest zira! get well soon girl! miss u so much!!

peace n out ^_^

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