Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 4: Dublin - Oslo


The flight to Oslo from Dublin took less than 2 hours but remember, Oslo time is one hour ahead of Dublin time. So my flight arrived at Oslo Rygge Airport at 9.25am. The ticket that I bought a month earlier cost me £22. 
The airport is somewhat like our own LCCT or less. They don't even have money changer so we need to either bring the NOK ( Norwegian Krone) or draw from the ATM machines. From what I saw in the airport, there are lots of backpackers spent their night there and from what I heard from a girl I met there, the guards won't say anything as long as you don't block their way. So feel free to sleep there. Plus they have free Wifi too. wink wink..

The information counter is at the arrival hall and they speak limited English. But with a little effort I managed to get the information on how to get to the city centre. The cheapest way and fastest too I supposed is the train. Cost NOK117 which include bus transfer from the airport to the train station and from the Rygge Train Station to the Oslo Sentralstasjon.
Look at that! I am so happy to see this! the trees the water the train. 3 elements that can really make me happy. ( to my future husband..please take note. hehe) 
This is the view the moment you stepped out of the station. The 'me' or 'we' thingy there looks kinda interesting right? The weather is quite nice, not as cold not as warm..just nice. So after google-ing the direction to my hostel, I decided to walk there since it looks kinda near in the map. ( nope. not near. took me 20 minutes. bad google!) 
The name of the hostel is Anker Hostel. Nothing to to with any horror..haha. Nice hostel even have luggage room if you planned to check-out early in the morning but did not want to bring the bags together just yet. Exactly what I needed. Cost me NOK230 for a bed in 10-bed all female room. great price for the quality of the service. plus there's a tran stop about 50meter from the hostel front door. Very convenient. So i spent the whole evening recharging my energy ( sorry, too tired already. i know i know..i wasted most of my time sleeping..huhu) because I know tomorrow I will be walking and going places the whole day. I woke up later in the evening to meet the other girls in the room. They are all solo travellers just like myself. This is what I love about staying in hostel. I get to meet new faces and share stories and information especially about the best spots of Oslo. Then I went to dinner with this one girl which then I learn that she too love travelling alone. The dinner that night cost me NOK128 and  we stopped by at the shop to buy water because I excidentally dropped my bottle somewhere earlier and one small mineral bottle cost me NOK33. huhu. this is almost RM16 ok!! Trivia: Norway is one of the most expensive country in the world. So, again..be prepared. Luckily i have my serunding. haha. Oh I forgot, i bought one bunch banana with just NOK8. That's is weird. I know. haha.

Another new face I met in Oslo. 
To the left is the hostel, and that's the tram station on the right. See. Super near right? hehe. love this!

Oh, before i went to the hostel, i bought the ticket for Stockholm for NoK259.

So, that's the end of the first day in Oslo, not much. So wait for the second day. haha. 

Total expenses: (plus the bus ticket to Stockholm) = £22 + NOK742 

Peace and out~

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