Sunday, October 30, 2011

after about 1 month~


It has been such hectic days. The training isn't just training. It was about making friends, being good to people and superiors and performing. Making friends is not a new thing for me as I always love to make new friends wherever I go. Being good is just my nature so no biggy. Being good to superior? I am OK as long it is sensible and logical. When it started to be 'weird' I lose interest. I was performing quite good within the first 2 weeks and when my job was not appreciated and the boss is not acknowledging me..that just s***. Plus all the blame keep on coming back to me. Making me not wanting to go back anymore. I do love the modules and lesson taught there but when politic take charge I prefer backing up. I really hope I would get a firm job fast so that I can get away from all these political stuff. I once question this to the other boss. Even he said that's how things work these day. It was such a questionable-heart-broken answer for me. How can we improve ourselves when internal network like that is the only way to get things done? I can never agree with that. NEVER! One more thing. Where is the professionalism when the people trying to teach doesn't practice it. When come to think of it..oh yeaaah. It was all about the ROOT. How can I missed that. So for another month time I should bare with all the challenges.

Again I am stressing here that the modules are all good and it is such a waste if one did not want to experience it. I have no problem what so ever with the modules and activities. I am only writing this to express  my dissatisfaction in my own blog. This is not a complaint. I will maintain my position there as a trainee as long as God permits~

peace n out^_^

ps: I think this is the fever talking. It is too emotional don't u think? ;p

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