Monday, October 3, 2011

lifeless life~


it has been a month since i graduated from uniten and it has been such boring days. internet sleep eat sleep internet series. i havent done anything much. i wanted to apply for part time job but since the convocation is already around the corner i think i shall wait a little. so rite after convo. no more delay.

as for life event. i keep on reminding myself to look forward. my convocation is on this coming 16th oct and usually i heard this is the perfect time to introduce your significant other to your family. it was once my dream too. but guess i wont be able to find anyone in this next 13 days so. it will be wasted. sigh~

i wanted to tell him this but since the last time i tried to contact him, i only end up hurting my own feelings. so guess that's the end. anyway thanks for the memories. i really hope u could come to my convo as i cant on yours~

peace n out ^_^ 

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