Sunday, October 9, 2011



It's sunday!! and I'm off to Genting Highland later! I supposed I'll be using this blog again after all. ^_^

Today I guess was a blast! Beginning with car coaching for Ita at 8am around Putrajaya and Uniten. then headed  to Sg Chua for laundry then back to Uniten to get my Snowy then went to Bangi for food and car wash. and continue with ita's car repairing then back home. such a wonderful day!

I love having full activities day like this.

To top it all. I got choc from fiqa, my housmate for farewell and good luck for the GEMs. thanks fiqa!! terharu sy! ^_^

yesterday ita 'blanja' western food at Keramat AU. Fiske Steakhouse. Such a nice place with superb food! Thanks to Shida for the 'blanja' session few years back.

again, looking at this entry, I guess I do have friends that love me. Thanks girls. I Love u too with all my heart! ^_^

It's really sad to leave Bangi. Although maybe not for long but the confirm period is 2 months. huu. sad~

ok. next entry will be on the activities i did with GEMS~

nite2 peeps~

peace n out ^_^

ps: after quite some time. he called again. thanks for remembering me~

Saranghae! ^_^

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