Friday, April 8, 2011

memories remains~


i was re-arranging my xternal hdd..bought another one because the old one will be dedicated only to my a backup..huhu..why? i heard a friend of my lost her pc and everything was in backup..sigh..hope that will never happen to me..i'll lost myself MARA scholar honestly..i then bought a 500gb hard disk..wuhoooo!! heaven weyh i tell u..haha..actually was planning to buy the 1T..but the price is still bit high for 500gb is enough la compare to the old 120gb..hehe..but the sad story was..i bought the old one twice the price i got the new one..darn can i ever follow u..huhu~

so..the story~

i was re-arranging the everything..u name it..and along came the memories..the sad, the laughs..the urgh..hurt much..still..i even found few documents on YM chats with few friends..and gosh..reading all those..just make me blushed..seems soooo stupid..i know in 20 years time if i come and read this blog again..this too will sound stupid..haha..well..that is why we heard them changes people..and so did i..haha..and i managed to delete few picture folders that i think don't matter to me much..all those stories..i think i better leave them behind as i move on to the present life. oh..talking bout funny stuff..i got this 1 biiiiggg folder of crushes..note that..crushes..haha..yes..since few years back..i got few crushes..and when i looked at the pictures..again..i blushed..haha..stupid! how did my mind worked? now those guys belong to others..and i think..thank God i didnt go any further with any of them..not that they want deleted the folders as i deleted the crushing2 thingy..i am so matured now! haha~

looking at those things..really brought me to reality..yes i know i am not acting my age..but who ask them to say that i look younger than my age..haha..blame them!! blame them all!! hahaha..i read a fb statement of a friend..about age..and the fact that we are not that far to the big 3O..haha..gosh! gulp! double gulp! i know if i tell mama about this..she sure will straight go and ask anyone to marry me fast! haha..ok2..back to serious mode..i was saying..i know..this could be the perfect time to change..acting my in few months time..i will be facing the real world..and if i continue to act like one will take me seriously..i learnt that 3 times already..and i think..a change will be great..but how? do not know~

that 1 + 2x3 months experience really taught me what real life is all about..and how i should deal with it later..i hope i can be a better person..i have a dream..a dream too great to be told i think better keep to myself first..but i did told my rumate..and she said no prolemo! only and only if i leave the unnecessary behind..yes! i should do that..those 'unnecessary' will only keep my dream away..i know i might jeopardize my happiness..but with that i will surely make my parents happier..and my rumate too..haha..only 3 of us know about the plan..hehehe..hope it will come true~ ^_^

still got much to tell..but for some reasons..i kinda need to learn to be silence for a while..been talking and writing too much..i'm not only writing here..i have another 2 diaries that i for the loved ones and one for study purposes..cewah..i know..i've been writing here as if anyone would want to read this..a friend once told me..the instance she saw the length of my entries she closed my page..haha..i dont mind that..thanks for trying to read my blog..if u managed to read up until this...congratulations..and thank YOU sooo much!! love u! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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