Thursday, April 14, 2011

love actually is all around~


ok..i know i am a bit out dated..this is a 2003 movie and i just saw tonight..wonder why i never heard of this movie before..haha..and it was actually a great does make me cried few was so lovely..and trust me..i am writing this and it all sound very English in my head..haha..blimey~

but with all the sweetness of this movie..and the all then came back to me.. my is never a good idea to watch a romantic movie when u r sad because of love..because it will only make u even more sad..darn it~

i really want to pour it all out here..but it is too personal..and it will look stupid when i re-read this urself then u will get the love of ur life..pursue ur career first before u pursue ur love..and is all is always about is not that i hate the idea of being in love..falling in love or such..i still do believe in love..just that..seeing is believing..and i need to see one to believe..ok..that's not right..i've seen too many..i need to experience one to believe it is actually true especially in this cruel cruel world~

peace n out ^_^

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