Friday, April 15, 2011

eat pray love~


ok..another movie today..i've heard my friends talking about this movie and the book..i havent found the book  and i'm not sure i wanted to read it or not..the movie is inspiring..i love the eat and pray parts..because i too love to eat..pray? yes..but not meditation..i just need the sea breeze to make me relax and get the balance again..hehe..but the love part..guess the hero doesn't look nice on the eyes..sorry dude..u r so not my taste..haha..but BALI..that is one thing that i was soo excited about..i like the idea of the in Bali..a place that one can find peace and in his case..recover from his divorce. hmm..i would love to live there too..and i love their houses..not to mention the laut! OMG! i can still hear those sound..the waves..i love Bali..ok..back to the review..through the 3 parts..i can feel the first two..but the last one..i'm lost..i can't feel a moment i felt like..gosh..i am just like her..i'm just too afraid to love..afraid of trust..commitment..of being hurt by someone i love is one should spend any second worrying about how bad their life is..just live the moment like there are no tomorrows~

peace n out ^_^

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