Wednesday, July 29, 2009

to be or not to be~


yey!! finally i can update my blog again...not because uniten internet was no no..just the fact that i kidnap abah's broadband..haha..yes2..but just for this 2 days..huhu..i really dont get it why does uniten block blogspot..haish..jeles la my next entry few months from now..huhu..

ok..back to the monthly report(huhu..supposed to be daily isnt it?) still having grudge with uniten for stopping us..well..stopping me from updating my blog..this is kinda like my only channel to put my memories that i think not supposed to be told because its not very much informative..just my boring words and sigh..hahaha..crazy..

since i am back in uniten..its all about class..class class class..not much..but the input is getting heavier..haish...the work load is increasing..yet..i'm spending most of my time reading manga on now i'm trying to finish death note before this weekend...i watched the movie...but the 2nd one was 'cetak rompak' so i was abit after afiza told me bout the site..i started to become not having life...since that particular one dissappear last weekend felt so empty and my housmates went i end up fiiling my 2 days weekend reading those...i know i need to start study since test are coming in 2 weeks week b4 the test i'm going for a holiday in bali! yey!! haha..ep2..test2...ok..thats pretty much all happened and going to happen this month..oh..and abah's last day working was yesterday...and today..he and mama are here in kl..spending their retired first mission: who know...just pray they wont leave me behind...hehe...

this week...i felt so hard in the heart..was so strict...with others not me..maybe those things inside make me like this..ignoring things is hard..but i just need to do that for my own said something about offspring..hope that didnt run in my no never..none of others have..just its 99% avoidable..insyaallah...

well...kursus kahwin this weekend might be postpone...sad..haha..well..but what shock me..the fact that he can't even say that word kinda dissappoint me..not that i wanted to get married this soon...but just need to know..there's hope toward it..will be sufficient enough for me..i'm kinda girl whose not hard to please..words of comfort even lies is fine by long as the lie didnt kantoi right away..haha..

ok..thats all for now..thought i would write longer..weird..haha..ok..adois for now..

peace out~


onnychubby said...

hi adik....bile kursus kawen?? nak join bleh??

n f y said...

bile diorg stat block blogspot ni?sian plk korg..